Nothing claims "tenor sax" quite choose Plas Jonson"s performance on the 1963 Pink Panther template by Henry Mancini. It"s just so cursed sexy! and also the good news is, you deserve to learn exactly how come play it v this basic to follow, cost-free sax lesson, appropriate here!
The notes because that this one don"t sit as well on alto sax as they perform on tenor - the melody is a little too short for alto and also a bit an overwhelming to gain your fingers around, but if it"s transposed increase the octave it"s then too high. That"s why this lesson features the tenor notes, however, you deserve to click here to obtain the cost-free PDFfor this video clip which has the whole melody created out because that tenor and also alto sax.

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This class is part of mine Sax hall Of reputation Series, where I to walk you with the world"s most well known sax songs, with complete fingerings, keep in mind names, PDF transcriptions and also pro tips on performance.
Here room the topics spanned in this lesson, with video clip time stamps (min:sec). Clicking on the time stamp will take you right to that part of the video clip on youtube (in a separate tab).Full Time stamps for the video clip and a complete transcript space at the bottom that the blog.
composer Henry Mancini specifically had Plas Johnson"s tone and style in mind as soon as he wrote the song
Plas Johnson has substantial sessions credits, consisting of Frank Sinatra, The beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes and Ella Fitzgerald
So that"s it for this week and also I"ve now fulfilled my ambitious of play the Pink Panther. When I was at county Swing tape my old girlfriend Dru Baker constantly played it and ever since then I"ve had a burn desire, currently fulfilled, come play The Pink Panther! i hope girlfriend enjoy discovering it as lot as I delighted in recording it. Jamie :-)
0:00 - intro and titles

0:47 - details on the song, Plas Jonson and Henry Mancini

1:37 - phrase 1 slowly

2:08 - the importance of tone

2:29 - phrase 1 quicker

2:40 - the accents

2:52 - the fall offs

3:07 - phrase 2

3:27 - phrase 3 (as expression 1)

3:49 - expression 4

4:08 - pro pointer on slide from C to B

4:51 - the entirety thing

5:49 - authorize off

Hi I"m Jamie Anderson you"re watching obtain Your Sax Together and also I am SO excited come say that on this video you are gonna learn exactly how to pat the Pink Panther - ohhh!!!!

This free Sax class is part of my Sax room of fame series. You"ll discover the card up over there to attach to the various other videos in the collection and perform not forget, under there you will certainly find, in the description, a link to a PDF i beg your pardon has acquired a fabulous warrior of the Pink Panther. Go under there and make sure you obtain your free pdf to follow follow me while you learn the lesson.

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Pink Panther, who doesn"t desire to play Pink Panther ~ above sax? Man, this is simply the can be fried sax song isn"t it? particularly if you"re a tenor player.

The Pink Panther was written by Henry Mancini for the 1963 film and features the legend sax player Plas Johnson. Man, Plas Johnson has acquired THE tone of every time! If you want to design your tenor sound top top somebody check out Plas Johnson - the is the Don.

Mancini composed the tune with Plas Johnson in psychic which is why his sound works so well for the song - it to be custom constructed for him! lol male this is so interesting for me I always wanted to play this tune when I to be a little kid in the totter band however my friend Dru Baker constantly played it cos he played tenor, for this reason now"s my big chance, therefore let"s get into it!!

Okay, four phrases - below we go, first phrase - we"re in concert E boy so for tenor saxophone the is F sharp minor, and here is the an initial phrase…

Okay, so fairly a long phrase, numerous notes in there. Now, the most important thing around the Pink Panther is the tone and also it"s not basic to acquire that genuine beefy sound. Girlfriend can examine out few of my various other videos on embouchure to acquire a really good tone however yeah, the sound is really essential for this one.

Let"s play that first phrase a tiny bit quicker…

So a couple of point out to make - girlfriend really have to accent the very first note a lot much more than the 2nd note in ~ the beginning. That"s really crucial for the phrasing and also also, the critical note, it"s gained that yes, really sexy autumn off ~ above it. I simply go under a chromatic scale and kind of fluff off her embouchure a little bit so it fades into the slide.

Okay, relocating on, second phrase...Again, you"ve obtained that lengthy fall-off ~ above the F, so simply go under a chromatic scale. Expression 3 is exactly the exact same as expression 1…

And you an alert on C that does the slow bend? ~ above the C - that"s really necessary as well.

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Okay, and also now the final phrase, phrase four…

Now here"s my optimal pro pointer for play phrase four - once you acquire to that final section when it alternates in between the C and also the B that smears the C right into the B, however it"s complicated to smear the C, with that fingering, right into the B, with that fingering, due to the fact that you need to cross fingers. So you get the bobble. For this reason what Ido is I usage the side C - this key here, and also I simply do C to B choose that. Ns think my appropriate hand"s out of shot however I"ll execute it like this, you go "da-na da-na" through a next C. Ns don"t frequently use side C, but it"s helpful in this case.

Now, i think we"ve got enough information to run the entirety thing under from peak to bottom. Let"s carry out it! Okay, here we go…

Man, ns love this so much!! lol I simply don"t desire to avoid doing it!

Really expect you delighted in the video. Don"t forget to go under to the description to acquire your complimentary pdf and subscribe and "ring the bell" and like and love the videos and also all that great stuff if you"re enjoy it what you see, and I"ll watch you next time on get Your Sax Together!Second phrase…