North Carolina, which has actually an active film industry based in Wilmington, has actually not done a very great job of cultivating sites in the state that have remained in films. For this reason let me fill you in on one I thought was very cool — the huge pink home that to be the major site because that the 2008 film “The an enig Life that Bees.” The movie, featuring Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and Sophie Okonedo, is based upon the publication of the exact same title through Sue Monk Kidd.

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I put off reading the renowned “Oprah” book for a long time because I thought it would certainly not it is in “literary” enough, snob that ns am, however I quite enjoyed it as soon as I ultimately got come it, save for the too-tidy ending. The movie, however, was whatever I feared the publication would be, way too polished. Yet I love the story line, about a white girl running off through her black color housekeeper, only to end up top top a peach farm (in south Carolina in the story) the she had a mysterious connection to. Lots of great themes, mainly the wonderfulness of women and also the malice of racism.

So a funny little story about finding the house, in Watha, simply a few miles west of interstate 40. The travel folks there in Pender county didn’t even know where the residence was, and the film folks never told me either! Finally, after pushing Pender, I guess they asked someone for one address, yet the result was rather puzzling. I was already in the area doing farm yard research, and so top for wherein they called me, only to find a nondescript irradiate pink residence that ns knew wasn’t in the film. I was annoyed. Did someone just say, “find a pink house for that pushy writer”? leaving “town,” together it was (which the barely is, through 200 residents), I experienced a pair old buildings, and decided to walk up the street they to be on just for fun. Unexpectedly I passed by a big old pink house on the main street. Bingo!

There was no one clue that the house had actually been part of a major motion picture. Unfortunately, not till I was residence did I discover a good article around it through Allison Ballard in the Wilmington Star-News critical year, i beg your pardon also mentioned that the rock wall that held the note the character might wrote was still there, as well as the honey house. Oh well, next time, currently that I know where it is. I preferred Allison’s decription of the shade of the home — “a shade that drops somewhere between raspberry sorbet and also Pepto-Bismol.” (I think the closer come the sorbet.) Sue Monk Kidd additionally wrote a fascinating blog entry about being over there for part of the filming. Follow to my GPS, the address is 500 Watha Road.

This wasn’t the first “Secret Life” location I’ve visited. My research study for “Farm fresh North Carolina” earlier took me to Geraldine’s Peaches and Produce in Lumberton, wherein Geraldine and Roy Herring lend a component of your peach orchard because that the filming. The building there was portrayed as the childhood residence of Lily Owens, the main character, before she ran far from her father, T. Ray.

True to movie-making form, because the filming had to be done in the winter, peach tree pipeline were made of silk and the fruit to be plastic.

The deal with is 10728 Highway 41 North, around 8 miles eastern of I-95 in Lumberton. The seasonal farm stand is a an excellent one, and also if girlfriend ask nice, Geraldine will certainly let girlfriend drive ago and view the house. Tell her I sent you.

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Pat Cate Says:July 27, 2009 in ~ 8:46 to be | reply

Diane, Pat with Smudge and Spirit, Tess went to the leg in May.

SECRET LIFE is just one of my all time favourite books. Also enjoyed MERMAID’S CHAIR by Kidd.

Sometime when you are in the Netherlands, research study THE GIRL through THE PEARL EARRING, a book around Vermeer. Excellent and also my favorite.

I enjoy analysis your articles and also Carol Belding and I still keep in touch.

Miss your picnics. Pat

Mrs. Herring Says:April 25, 2012 at 6:36 afternoon | reply

Come see us at Geraldine’s Peaches and Produce Roadside Market. We are open up for our 8 hours season! friend can uncover us digital or on facebook if you have any kind of questions or give us a call.

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Maggie Tasseron Says:January 22, 2019 in ~ 12:29 am | reply

Aside from the “dianedaniel” location that came up once I Googled the pink house, ns don’t view anything on this page that speak me that you are, so i don’t recognize to who I’m creating this comment, and sorry, yet I don’t have actually the patience come click approximately to shot to find out. Assuming you are in the business of writing some type of take trip blog, ns agree the you did come ill-prepared for your expedition to visit the pink house in the movie as the ar is famous if you had taken the moment to perform a little bit of Googling of your own; I have to chuckle at your comment around the locals recognize “a pink home for that pushy writer”. That said, I need to emphatically disagree through your comment around the movie being “too polished”. I assumed all the cast members to be superb, and that, in addition to an interesting and imaginative story line, created a fine movie all around. I stumbled on her webpage in a search for the filming location and also must say that the Wilmington Star News write-up you describe was a far more enjoyable and also informative read, with simply the type of elevator details that world like me find interesting, sans the movie critique. I’d incorporate a connect to it here yet am sure people will uncover it on your own, if they’re interested.