In the novel mr of the Flies, the author uses plenty of objects as symbols to highlight themes. Among these objects is Piggy’s glasses. The glasses play critical role transparent the story as they show themes that are vital to it. The glasses represent intelligence and also hope as well as aid to foreshadow key events throughout the story.

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Piggy’s glasses stand for intelligence. Since Piggy is the just one top top the island v glasses, this plays right into the stereotype of only intelligent world have glasses. Transparent the book, Piggy attempts to express his ingenuity however is frequently ignored. ”We’ve obtained to have rules and also obey them.

After all, we’re no savages. We’re English, and the English are the best at everything. So we’ve obtained to perform things right.” (Golding, pg 42) This quote mirrors that Piggy is a bright young lad that is make the efforts to rise the trust of the citizens of the island and get it with each other in order come survive. As well as representing intelligence, Piggy’s glasses stand for hope.

Hope is symbolized v Piggy’s eyeglasses. The spectacles represent hope by making the boys believe they might be rescued by making a fire. Without the glasses, lock would have actually been can not to make a signal fire to alert any kind of passing boat of their presence on the island.

When Jack stole Piggy’s glasses, he likewise stole the hope the Ralph and Piggy had of having order. Ralph and also Piggy both understood the importance of the glasses and also the hope the spectacles produced enough to walk through an excellent risks to retrieve them as soon as they were stolen. In enhancement to symbolizing hope, Piggy’s specs often tend to foreshadow future occasions in the story.

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Piggy’s glasses space prone come foreshadow the main occasions in the story. In the beginning, the lenses are in an excellent condition and so is the island. As the publication progresses, Piggy’s glasses start to break. Shortly following this event, the island’s civilization begins to break down. Finally, as soon as the savages steal the glasses and also break castle entirely, this to represent the break of the last tie to humankind that the boys have.

“Ralph make a action forward and also Jack smacked Piggy’s head. Piggy’s glasses flew off and also tinkled top top the rocks.” (Golding, pg 71) after this event, it is a bottom spiral right into primal and animalistic habits culminating in Piggy’s gruesome death.


Such important concepts like intelligence and hope space expressed and also contextualized with the concrete and straightforward symbol the Piggy’s glasses. Knowledge is symbolized through Piggy’s glasses since Piggy, the only intelligent person on the island, is wearing them. They also represent hope by enabling the guys to have actually the emotion of hope when the signal fire is lit.

Piggy’s glasses also aid to foreshadow the main occasions in the story by informing readers the problem of the occupants of the island based on the condition of Piggy’s glasses. Also though Piggy’s glasses might seem fragile and also insignificant in ~ the beginning of the story, they construct into crucial symbol and also thematic carrier that helps drive the in its entirety plot.