When analysis this publication be prepared to commence on an adventure all across America, from sea to shining sea. The setting of the story move rapidly web page to page which causes there not to be one key setting. So you never recognize when you’ll it is in sky-high or deep down underground.

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The start of the story takes ar in existing day New York whereby Percy’s old boarding institution (Yancy Academy), the metropolitan Museum because that Art, his mom’s apartment in Queens, and Montauk Beach, the location where Sally and Poseidon fell in love, room located.

“Our rental cabin to be on the southern shore, way ou in ~ the tip of lengthy Island. It was a little pastel box through faded curtains, fifty percent sunken into the dunes. There was always sand in the sheets and spiders in the cabinets, and also most of the time the sea was also cold to swim in” (Riordan37).

As the story proceeds, Percy finds himself at Camp Half-Blood a camp because that demigods. It is below when the readers and Percy connect, the is right here when the readers and Percy all discover rather shocking information, and also it is right here where plenty of important characters are introduced.

“The landscape was dotted with buildings that looked like ancient Greek architecture—an open-air pavilion, and also amphitheater, a circular arena—except that they every looked brand new, their white marble columns sparkling in the sun. In a adjacent sandpit, a dozen high school-age kids and satyrs play volleyball. Canoes glided throughout a little lake. Kids in shining orange T-shirts choose Grover’s were chasing each other about a cluster of cabins nestled in the woods. Some shot targets at an archery range. Others rode steeds down a wooded trail, and, uneven I to be hallucinating, several of their horses had wings” (Riordan61-62).

While embarking on their quest, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth take a brief interlude at Aunty Em’s Garden Gnome Emporium, the Woods, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, Denver, las Vegas, and also Los Angeles. Return these room minor settings, they do find their 3 pearls here.

After their lengthy trek, castle finally made it come the Underworld located in Los Angeles. The Underworld is an unpleasant, dark, fire-filled place rule by Hades deep within the earth. The is claimed to it is in the resting place of every one of the dead souls under the rule of Hades.

“We were standing in a wooden barge. Charon to be poling us throughout a dark, oily river, swirling with bones, dead fish, and also other stranger things-plastic dolls, crushed carnations, soggy diplomas v guilt edges”(Riordan 289).

This is the Underworld whereby Hades resides along with the hundreds of dead souls under his rule. The Underworld is the crucial to unlocking nightmares v its fire-filled pits and also endless darkness and also misery.

Lastly, castle concluded their suspenseful trip at the beautiful mount Olympus to return the lightning bolt. Now, mountain Olympus and the Underworld are finish opposites. In fact, saying that these two setups are alike is favor saying the a mouse and an elephant are alike. Mountain Olympus is situated on the 600th floor the the empire State Building and also is together beautiful as you have the right to imagine. To with this enchanting, bright, cotton candy cloud-encircled location a bridge need to be crossed. On the other side of the lengthy bridge is a majestic ancient Greek neighborhood where the god reside.

“From the height of the clouds increased the decapitated peak of a mountain, that summit spanned with snow. Clinging to the mountainside were dozens of multileveled palaces-a city of mansions-all with white-columned porticos, glided terraces, and bronze braziers glowing v a thousands fires”(Riordan337).

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This is the alluring, splendid Mount Olympus wherein Zeus lives along with other beautiful gods. Percy must come below to return the an effective lightning bolt.