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If girlfriend have ever before been to the racetrack, you’ve likely noticed the steeds pee an horrible lot. Is there a factor racehorses pee so much? I thought I knew the answer, however I chose to execute some research, and I provide my findings here.

Racehorses need to pee so negative because they are injected with the diuretic medicine Lasix shortly prior to a race. Lasix paint, etc fluids into the horse’s bladder, which results in the discharge of several gallons that urine within an hour that injection.

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Lasix is the key reason for too much peeing through a racehorse but not the just one. Let’s dive deeper and learn an ext about this interesting topic.

Horses typically pee 2.5 gallons of pee a day.

Horses must urinate around 0.3 fluid ounces per lb of body load per day. Because that a usual sized horse, this translates to around two and a fifty percent gallons daily.

However, the quantity of urine varies relying on factors such as the lot of liquid intake, age, weather, feed, and size that the horse. Pee in a healthy and balanced horse should be clear through a yellow color of color and also have a minimal odor. A steed should pee easily and also in a steady stream.


Urination is a an important bodily function. It eliminates waste native the body and also plays a function in blood pressure and electrolyte balance. If you have a steed that isn’t developing urine or is having difficulty urinating, friend should call a veterinarian immediately. Some causes of urinary retention in a horse are life-threatening.

Horse urine need to be pale yellow.

Urine Indication
Pale in color Normal indicates an excellent hydration
Dark yellow Evidence of focused urine. Could be resulted in by a lack of water intake or too much sweating.
Orange-red If your horse is pass orange urine contact your veterinarian, however, if the urine turns orange on the ground, this is a typical reaction come the environment.
Cloudy Diet can reason cloudiness and also shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Together the bladder empties, overfill calcium is released. Steeds fed Alfalfa often display cloudy urine.
Smelly Urine’s odor is brought about when a equine is fed more protein 보다 their body needs. The too much protein converts come nitrogen in the form of smelly ammonia.
Increased frequency and decreased volume sometimes bloodyDribbling urine with spotty bleeding is a symptom of urinary stones in the kidney or bladder. It is not a usual occurrence.
Infrequent or uncomfortable This is a sign of urinary infection. In horses, it have the right to have significant adverse consequences. Contact a veterinarian.
Very dark in color Dark urine deserve to be the result of muscle damage or dehydration. If the pee is an extremely dark and also foamy, it is a classic sign the a horse “tying up.” call a veterinarian.

Lasix causes horses to pee.

Lasix is provided to horses to stop respiratory bleeding brought about by physics exertion. During a race, a equine is pumping substantial amounts the blood right into the vessels bordering their lungs.

The pressure created by waiting entering the lungs, and also blood pumping v blood ship is forceful enough to burst capillaries. When the obstacle is broken blood enters the lungs and results in blood exiting the horses’ nostrils.

The clinical term connected with this phenomenon is described as exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH). If the problem becomes chronic it will certainly lead to reduced lung capacity, cause inflammation, or in rare instances be terminal.

It is estimated that approximately 90 percent that racehorses endure some level of bleeding, although no all will result in bleeding native the nose.

Horse trainers regularly abuse Lasix.

Lasix have the right to be abused on the race track when supplied not to regulate bleeding yet to force a steed to pee. Trainers are always looking to give their equines an edge, and also they think an injection that Lasix gives their equine advantage.

Lasix reasons a equine to release fluids, leading to weight loss. To alleviate the load a steed carries during a race; trainers inject them v Lasix. It is estimated that a horse can drop 10 to 15 pounds of fluid within one hour after receiving a dose of Lasix. To discover out how much weight a racehorse loses throughout a race, read our article.

Some racetracks room phasing the end Lasix.

Horses the run v Lasix are noted on day-to-day racing forms. These develops are offered by the betting public to aid them decide which steeds to bet. The management of Lasix is a thought about factor by gamblers, so the logically flows that Lasix is affect a horses’ racing ability.

In 2020 a coalition of significant race monitor will begin phasing the end the usage of Lasix on gyeongju day. The steed deaths at Santa Anita sparked the restriction. The first phase that the phase-out will certainly be the restriction that no two-year-old racers can be treated with Lasix twenty-four hours prior to their race. Click the link to review an article we wrote around racehorse deaths.

The 2nd phase will certainly go into effect in 2021 and also extend the half to all horses running in any stakes gyeongju on the self-restricting tracks. Several of the more high profile tracks in the coalition space Churchill Downs, Pimlico, and also Belmont.

If you space interested in learning around stakes races, you have the right to read our article here. The American Quarter horse Association (AQHA), is researching Lasix to recognize if they space going to border or half its usage in future AQHA horse present events.

Racehorses don’t pee more than various other horses.


When you’re in ~ the races and see large numbers that racehorses urinating, it makes you wonder if castle pee an ext than any other horses.

Regular horses and also racehorse pee the same amount. The distinction is the use of Lasix in racehorses which reasons them come pee excessively. Lasix use can be discovered in equine events other 보다 racing.

Horses have big bladders

A horse’s bladder is big enough to hold three to 4 quarts the urine. A equine can construct stones in your bladders. The bladder stones room calcium concentrates.

The most common sign that a horse has actually bladder stones is blood in the urine after ~ exercise. Watch your horse for obvious signs of strain, and also he may display symptoms associated with colic. Bladder stones are an ext likely in males since they have a much longer urinary tract.

Bladder stones regularly are the result of infected cells. The cells room covered in layers mineral deposits come the extent they form into a stone-like object. Diet dram a role in the formation of bladder stones.

If you suspect your horse has bladder stones call your veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis. Diagnosis is make by endoscopy or ultrasound. Come treat a equine with a severe instance of bladder stones needs surgery.

Remember, prevention is the ideal medicine. Save your equine well hydrated, make certain he drink a suitable amount the water for the problems he is kept. If your horse doesn’t drink the appropriate amount, shot adding a complement to the water to do it an ext inviting. Hydration is crucial to a healthy and balanced horse.

What go “pee prefer a Russian racehorse” mean?

Growing increase with three brothers I often heard the expression “pee choose a Russian racehorse.” ns wasn’t ever sure if castle meant, Russian or rushing racehorse, however regardless I made decision to discover out more about this phrase.

Racehorses room nervous before a race and also act as if they room in a rush. The equines are paraded in front of the grandstands and led right into the paddock because that saddling. Together the racehorses nervously relocate in front of the spectators, lock pee, often and also a lot. Russian racehorse provides no sense.

Racehorse emptying your bladders right before a gyeongju became much more prevalent together the usage of Lasix increased. Hence it’s basic to take it the logical action to a human describing an urgent should urine together “I have to pee favor a rushing racehorse.”

Steroid usage is prohibition in horseracing.

The complying with medications space banned in ~ most horse racing tracks: anabolic steroids, peptide hormones, and growth factors, beta-2 agonists, hormone and metabolic modulators, and details diuretics.

Performance-enhancing drugs space a hot topic, in light of the decision of deaths at Santa Anita. The human being of the steed racing sector are looking come take procedures to to decrease the number of horse deaths. However, over there is no one governing body that has drug enforcement power over every U.S. Track.

Guidelines have actually been established by the gyeongju Medication and also Testing Consortium (RMTC) for the unified States. The guidelines address medication rules, penalties, and also testing. Additionally, RMTC created a controlled substance perform limiting the management of Lasix.

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You can read more about the racing Medication and also Testing Consortium on their website. The American Quarter horse Association website provides a list of drugs banned for use on horses that complete in quarter steed races. Girlfriend can accessibility their website by clicking the above link.