I"ve i found it that people can mark details enemies for this reason they display up v walls. Is this a perk skill or miscellaneous that any player have the right to do?

For one example, check out this section of the video, where the player marks three guards.

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Everyone deserve to do it, it doesn"t require any kind of special perk. You need to be in heist mode (wearing mask), aim at any kind of special adversary (shield, taser, buldozer) and also press your "shout" an essential (I think the default key is F).

It likewise works with continuous guards, but only while you stay undetected.

You can also mark defense fixtures favor cameras making use of the very same method.

Additionally, if you watch the camera feed utilizing the camera feed asset or the camera feed in the defense office if the level has actually one, this will also mark every guards that room visible by that camera.

Note that the Mastermind tree features an interesting related skill:


BASIC: 1 suggest / <...>

Special enemies significant by you take it 15% more damage.

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