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Trying to decide whereby to store a damaged down n4 with a 16.1 inch barrel and also a vortex speed hider, however I figure the length of most 16" assemblies will be quite close. So can some one measure theirs for me.
Wouldnt 34 be about the as whole length that the whole rifle? i am do the efforts to recognize the lenght that the upper only (or entirety rifle minus the stock).
34" or 35" is whole rifle. I would imagine the upper would be roughly 24" offer or take a few. 16" barrel and around 10" or so because that the upper.

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The length of mine Bushmaster 16" M4 ORC upper Receiver Assembly v A2 flash Hider is 24 1/4". Larry

The size of my Bushmaster 16" M4 ORC top Receiver Assembly with A2 speed Hider is 24 1/4". Larry
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