Welcome come r/anime's host Club! If you'd like to take a seat, I'll lug out your drink, and we can gain to talking around episode 26.

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Before you start, I'd prefer to show you our exorbitant fanart the the day, by artist たかよ

Now sit back, relax, and also enjoy the episode!~


PS. You have the right to watch episode 26 ~ above Funimation in the US. It's also easily accessible on Hulu and Netflix.


Are we going to have actually an in its entirety discussion thread tomorrow, /u/MissyPie?

This is together a great finale episode. Sure, it's melodramatic together anything - whether it's honey & Mori beating up a private police force together, a carriage chase collection to the finishing theme, or just plain jumping turn off a bridge. However it really does to the right Ouran, which is extremely over the top, and it fits the nature that the host Club perfectly.

I'm quite sure most of united state all experienced a small bit the sadness when Haruhi and also Tamaki just...don't kiss. Still, it's a nice perfectly constructed scene, all in all. Haruhi's dramatic declaration that she doesn't dislike the host Club, together she reaches the end her hand parallels Tamaki's hand reaching out to she to welcome she to the hold Club in illustration 1. Tamaki however again jumps turn off a good height come rescue Haruhi. And finally, Haruhi even quotes his silly lines about "a man dripping with an excellent looks" earlier at him, reminding united state of the first moment they yes, really connected. I additionally really love the ridiculous trope of mirroring a character speaking without sound, only to play the later. It simply works yes, really well here.

And surprisingly, return she's not fully redeemed, ns really don't hate Eclair in ~ all. Perhaps it to be her confront when Tamaki make to leave the car, or perhaps it was the story around Tamaki's mommy - she is made an ext than a simple, 2-D villain. Although, chucking Tamaki's phone call in the fish tank was a little ridiculous.

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Unfortunately, yes, Ouran is an open-ended, go-read-the-source-material-ending. However I think that was mostly left open up for a season 2 (since it has actually a pair of sequel hooks)...which never came, since shoujo animes never get second seasons, stunner Ouran. But, i still think it's a pretty exciting ending. The dance at the end is an excellent (and has what could be the best track of the show? Seriously, it's one orchestral plan of Shissou and also it's great.) and also it's perfect in character. And, well, the team shot in ~ the end is just really nostalgic, through everyone welcoming united state to come back.