Orlando Davis, routine director in ~ Wild 94.1, addresses the crowd during the station\"s Wild Splash festival in ~ Coachman Park in Clearwater on march 3, 2018. < JAY CRIDLIN | Tampa Bay times >
Three DJs at St. Petersburg hip-hop terminal Wild 94.1, including program director Orlando Davis, have actually tested hopeful for COVID-19.

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Davis, the host of Orlando and also the Freakshow, and also DJs Broderick “Buckwheat” Scott and Jose “Joey Franchize” Alvarado every announced their optimistic tests on social media.

The station, owned by Beasley Media Group, last week sent out a staff memo stating the an employee in the building had tested positive, Davis and also Alvarado said. At that point, Wild and other Beasley station — consisting of 99.5 QYK, 98.7 the Shark, 92.5 Maxima and Q105 — closed their office in the Baypoint business Center, 9600 Koger Blvd. In St. Petersburg, come all however essential employees.

In a statement, Beasley spokeswoman Heidi Raphael stated the agency had applied a reopening arrangement that conformed come state and federal guidance and also requirements.

“The progressive return of employees to the workplace gives most the our staff the capacity to work from residence either on a full-time or staggered basis,” the declare read. “Our return to work policies encompass social distancing protocols, heightened cleaning and disinfecting measures, required self-monitoring because that COVID symptoms and also a obligated quarantining whereby instances the exposure or potential exposure have arisen in the office.”

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Until June 10, on-air individualities were enabled to transfer from the studio. Davis said staff had been cautious to sanitize all tools throughout the pandemic, yet as the state began to reopen, it came to be harder to keep social distancing.

“With an ext staff comes back, with more people going earlier out and also joining society, it just seemed like it wasn’t as regulated as it was as soon as we to be on lockdown and on minimal staff,” Davis said.

Davis, Scott and also Alvarado have not to be on the wait together, yet did share studio space.

“I don’t understand where that patient zero came from,\" stated Davis, who added he’s been asymptomatic for this reason far. \"I just know that in succession, (the various other DJs) were type of the domino effect. Luckily us haven’t had actually any more happen. Everybody rather is gaining negatives.”

Alvarado, 33, claimed he’s been emotion “pretty alright” since his check at Tampa basic Hospital came ago positive June 10 — he’s lost his senses of taste and smell, yet hasn’t had a high fever or other significant aches. Since then, he said he’s been holed up at his location in downtown Tampa with his girlfriend, who also tested positive, acquisition vitamin tablets and also drinking Gatorade, orange juice and also Theraflu.

On June 12, Scott wrote on on facebook that he obtained tested after exhibiting soft symptoms, and was “coming come the tail end of my 14 days.”

“I’m good, but want to wish those right here in the city a speedy recovery choose I did there is no the going to the hospital,” Scott wrote.

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Radio studios have the right to be incubators for condition during common cold and also flu seasons, Davis said, through DJs in close soldier projecting into shared microphones.

“If somebody goes on the mic and is rambunctious,\" that said, “it’s most likely as violent a result as if somebody goes the end to a protest and is screaming, ‘Black lives Matter’ or, ‘Yes we can,’ or, ‘Let’s acquire out and vote’ or, ‘Hey, that Pride.\" whatever we’re screaming, we’re projecting those germs at a fast rate. Therefore if world aren’t protecting themselves, they end up with something else.”

This month, Davis has actually attended black color Lives matter protests in St. Petersburg and Tampa, and also a June 9 speak engagement in ~ the Rialto Theatre in Tampa.

Some, like Alvarado, also have side gigs together club DJs. The has operated weekend brunches in ~ downtown St. Petersburg nightclub Park and Rec, most recently ~ above June 6. Over the weekend, Park and Rec, together with downtown bars the Galley and the Avenue, chose to close after employees tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Alvarado said he wasn’t originally worried around being in overfilled bars, but now realizes he was perhaps “being naive.”

“I was going about it nonchalantly, and also I simply felt like, if everything’s going to reopen, that’s a great sign, right?” the said. “After I obtained through the first week, it to be like, ‘Nothing happened; oh, nothing occurred this week either. Everything’s cool. We’re type of in the clear.’ that only when you actually face it that it becomes, like, ‘Oh, wow, ns can get it. I wish i would have taken suitable precautions in specific things that ns did.’\"

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