It can sound silly, yet it's true. We all have actually layers that are hidden beneath the surface ar that i think should be seen; influenced by the above words from Shrek as he walked through a sunflower field.


I have been struggling v writer's block lately... For this reason what did ns do? I took to the internet, obviously. I discovered an article with a perform of ideas for writing as soon as you have actually that annoying an imaginative slowdown. All of the principles were what I thought to be humorous and then I experienced one about Shrek. Yeah, the was claimed to it is in funny, yet then I thought I could actually obtain somewhere through this. Probably I think also much into things, yet I have come to see the prominence of this step in Shrek.

Shrek claims ogres are like onions due to the fact that they have layers and I agree. Yes, i am about to compare us humans to ogres. Not due to the fact that we're huge and green or also smelly, but due to the fact that we have SO numerous layers. This can sound stupid, but hear me out.

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There room sides to us or "layers" the we display to the world, we present only come our friends or family, or that we keep simply to ourselves.

Our outer layer perhaps can be the persona we placed out to the world. Our social media, ours "perfect," always happy Instagram lives. It could likewise be ours appearance, the watch of our shell, our skin. We job-related tirelessly ~ above this layer and also it seems an extremely important to most of us. We grow on the idea the what human being think of who we are. As humans, our very own selves desire to it is in liked and want come belong. I execute not think this is a negative thing, unless we permit it start to regulate our lives and also we come to be people who are not our true selves, our finest selves. This deserve to be a sad layer since we feeling afraid to be that we truly are for the fear of rejection.

Our center layer, the side whereby we get to be our quirky and also unique identities without lot fear. This is the next of united state our friends see and also possibly our families. I think this layer can be a very safe and also a happy location for every one of us. Obtaining to feel favor "ourselves" and also being embraced is a an excellent sensation. Yeah, us all acquire roasted in our group chats sometimes (or perhaps I'm simply that friend), however we recognize our friends and family quiet love united state unconditionally. We room not hiding behind a phone screen in this layer.

The core. The layer where we our completely, unapologetically ourselves. The side nearly no one else it s okay to see. The main point holds our values, ours beliefs, ours hopes, ours fears, our aspirations and also our dreams. This layer can be our most deep and also hidden one, yet I think that is certainly the most crucial one. The is the great that provides you, YOU.

The an essential to this item of composing is come let world pull back your layers and also find your true self. I know it sounds tough or maybe also a tiny weird, but our cores are our most beautiful parts. Friend will concerned find that the external layer is the least essential (no matter how tough we try on it) and the inner layers issue the most. After ~ all, looks execute not always stay, but our thoughts yes, really do. This is wherein we will discover happiness and also comfort. The core of united state as world is whereby we are the most interesting and ourselves.

Do not just open yourself up to others, but likewise be open to others' layers and also ultimately your core. that will help you to find more relationships through others.

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I certain hope this will help you to discover your happily ever after, as with Shrek and also Fiona.