The pyloric sphincter is a band of smooth muscle at the junction between the pylorus the the stomach and the duodenum the the small intestine. The plays critical role in digestion, whereby it acts together a valve come controls the circulation of partly digested food from the stomach come the small intestine.

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The pyloric sphincter is a thin, circular tape of visceral muscle surrounding the pyloric opening at the inferior end of the stomach. It is found at the border that the stomach’s last segment, the pylorus, and the little intestine’s an initial segment, the duodenum. Proceed Scrolling to Read more Below...




ongoing From Above... The pylorus is tapered and funnel-shaped, narrowing indigenous the broad body the the stomach to only about an inch in diameter in ~ the pyloric sphincter.


The pyloric sphincter plays vital roles in managing the rate of digestion and also the direction the chyme motion in the cradle tract. Food in the stomach is combined with gastric juice developed by the stomach to type a thick, acidic liquid referred to as chyme. Complying with a meal, the stomach stores chyme both to start its digestion and to permit the remainder of the digestive system sufficient time come digest the food thoroughly. The pyloric sphincter stays closed during eating and while the stomach mixes food with gastric juice to type chyme.

After the stomach has completed its cradle role, the pyloric sphincter starts to convulse in waves of peristalsis to press chyme toward the pylorus. As each peristaltic wave reaches the pylorus, the pyloric sphincter briefly opens up to allow a small mass the chyme come pass into the duodenum. Wave after tide of peristalsis slowly empty the stomach end a period of around 30 minutes to one hour.

The pyloric sphincter stays clear of the regurgitation of chyme from the duodenum into the stomach. It also controls the circulation of chyme into the intestine, which offers the intestines with a controllable volume of chyme indigenous which to absorb nutrients.

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