Comedian and also actress Amy Schumer is the latest celeb come star in an Old navy campaign. In the brand"s recent ad, Schumer dram a clueless babysitter that isn"t certain where to take she niece and also nephew back-to-school shopping. Other female actresses that have showed up in Old Navy campaigns include Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler, and also Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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Account Director: Eileen Eastburn

Producer: Gulshan Jaffery

Production Coordinator: Camilla Rothenberg

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Director: Wayne McClammy

Executive Producers: Mino Jarjoura, Dan Duffy

Line Producer: Dave Bernstein

Director of Photography: Dion Beebe

Editorial: Rock file Scissors

Editor: Christjan Jordan

Executive Producer: Helena Lee

Telecine: shade Collective

Colorist: Alex Bickel

Executive Producer: Claudia Guevara

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Finishing Producer: Brendan Kahn

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