In Old male at the leg by Ernest Hemingway we have the design template of struggle, pride, commitment, selflessness, change, paralysis and acceptance. Taken from his The Complete quick Stories repertoire the story is narrated in the an initial person by an unnamed soldier and also after reading the story the leader realises the Hemingway might be exploring the theme of struggle. The old male cannot move. That is unable to monitor the command of those who are crossing the bridge. The is together though his trip may be over without reaching any destination. The reader suspecting that the old guy who has already walked twelve kilometres has actually made his critical stand. I m sorry is ironic considering that the old male is sitting under for most if not every one of the story. That is beaten or beat by the concern he has actually for his animals, the truth that he is in his seventies and also the ongoing war (Spanish civil War). The old male concern around his animals when the is talk to the narrator is additionally interesting as in spite of being forced to give up them. He continues to be committed to every animal. His very own safety does not appear to stroked nerves him as much as the safety of the animals which may suggest that the old guy is selfless.

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The bridge itself may additionally be symbolically essential as Hemingway may be utilizing it to not just symbolise a path to safety however to likewise suggest that in life there will certainly come a time when a human is not able to cross every bridge that they come to. I beg your pardon is very much the situation for the old man. As stated he is beat or win by the war. A war that that himself has actually played no component in. Which might be crucial as Hemingway may be suggesting that the old man is live independence of others. Something the is likewise noticeable by the truth that the end of all the personalities mentioned in the story. The old guy is the just one that is no moving. He stands out independent of others. That doesn’t aid that the old man is additionally alone. Something the becomes fingerprint to the reader as soon as the old guy tells the narrator the he knows nobody in Barcelona. It is also interesting that when the old man mentions his house town over there is a feeling of pride in his voice. He is proud of whereby he originates from despite the scenarios he finds self in.

It is likewise noticeable that there is no readjust in the old man’s physical position in the story. In ~ the beginning of the story he is sitting down and at the end of the story that is also sitting down. In the very same spot. His one attempt to stand up leads to him having to sit under again. Though the old guy may be proud this may be all the fight the the he has actually in him. Though he desires no part in the battle he knows the the war is a component of him. His life is in the hands of others. In fact the old guy no much longer has control of his destiny. Any kind of chance he has actually of escaping the Fascists is by crossing the bridge. Something the the old guy will no do. It might simply be a case that the old male realises that wherein he is sitting is wherein he will certainly die. As result of his age and also his commitment come his roots the old guy may feel together though he has actually no other option however to continue to be where he is. That is together though the old guy is paralysed and also unable come move. There is naught the narrator deserve to do to help the old man readjust his mind.

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The finish of the story is likewise interesting specifically the narrator’s acceptance of the place the old guy finds self in. Both the narrator and the old man are on different paths however both expropriate the course they room on. It is clear to the reader that the narrator is younger 보다 the old man. For this reason he has yet to it is in beaten. Also the truth that the is a soldier symbolically argues he is all set to fight. Something that the old male will not or can not do. The fact that the old male twice mentions what his occupation to be ‘I was just taking care of animals’ might also be necessary as it says that the old male again desires no part in the war. He wants the simplicity that he had actually prior to the battle to return. He to be obviously happier climate so it is only natural that the old man would long for a return to happiness and simplicity. But it becomes clear to the reader by means of the narrator’s final statement the there will certainly be no return to happiness for the old man. He will not be the lucky. The old man has actually been to win by the scenarios of the time. His trip has involved an end.

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