Ans. A Sphinx had been terrorizing Thebes for and undisclosed amount of time. It put a great plague end Thebes and also refused to remove it till someone correctly answered the riddle. Countless heroes attempted come answer the riddle, but each one was consumed alive after comment incorrectly. When Oedipus answered the Sphinx, it killed itself.

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Ans. The riddle posed by Sphinx to Oedipus was, "What goes on 4 feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?" once Oedipus provided the correct answer, "man", the Sphinx threw itself turn off a cliff and died.
Ans. A procession that priests, that are in turn surrounded by the impoverished and sorrowful citizens of Thebes comes to Oedipus. Thebes has been struck by a plague, the citizens space dying, and no one knows how to placed an finish to it. Oedipus asks a monk why the citizens have actually gathered roughly the palace. The priest responds that the city is dying and also asks the king to save Thebes.
Ans. Thebans think that Oedipus is one intelligent and decent king who cares deeply because that his people. Once Thebes has actually been struck by a plague, lock gather approximately his palace so the Oedipus may save them indigenous the calamity.
Ans. Creon is the brothers of queen Jocasta, the wife of King Laius as well as Oedipus. The goes come the oracle in ~ Delphi to seek Apollo"s advice in saving Thebes native plague. That is accused by Oedipus the conspiring v Tiresias to take it the crown indigenous Oedipus. He becomes king in the finish when Jocasta kills herself and also Oedipus blinds himself.
Ans. He checked out the Oracle at Delphi to seek Apollo"s advice in saving Thebes native plague. He wanted to understand the cause and also remedy of the pester from Apollo.
Ans. Creon carried the post from Delphi Oracle the the gods had actually caused the torment in Thebes in solution to the murder of Laius, the vault king of Thebes. The gods had actually demanded that the murdered (the air pollution of this land) have to be killed or exiled. The pester would it is in lifted after ~ the perfect of the task.
Ans. Laius was the king the Thebes before Oedipus. He to be married come his far-off cousin, Jocasta. Apollo"s oracle played a leading role in his reign. When Apollo warned the his boy would death him, Laius was identified that this was no to be. As soon as his son, Oedipus, to be born, Laius tied his feet together and also left that to die on a mountain. Plenty of years later while on vacation, Laius was eliminated by Oedipus, who had actually survived.

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Ans. Chorus is a team of singers who stand together or off stage from the major performers in a dramatic or music performance. In ancient Greece, the chorus was originally a group of male singers and dancers that participated in spiritual festivals and also dramatic performances through singing and also commenting ~ above the deeds that the characters and also interpreting the significance of the occasions within the play. The leader that the chorus was dubbed Charogos.
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