The odds of recognize a five-leaf clover top top the first try space one million come one according to statistical analysis website Minitab
Twelve-year-old Richmond resident newly Evan Lam discovered a rare five-leaf clover.Photo courtesy Evan Lam

It’s rare sufficient to discover a four-leaf clover, yet one young Richmondite went one better – literally.

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Twelve-year-old Evan Lam managed to discover a five-leaf clover in the ar next to his school, St. Paul, about a month before classes let the end for the summer.

“At very first I believed it was a four-leaf, and also when ns looked at it closely, i was like, ‘Oh wow! It’s a five-leaf clover!’” Lam told the Richmond News via email.

Lam reached out come the News come share his story after reading around nine-year-old Dov Harel’s happy four-leaf find on the Railway Greenway.

He planarization the five-leaf clover under his water bottle for safe-keeping until he can get home, then let it dry because that a few days in in between a pad of sticky notes prior to laminating it.

Statistical analysis websiteMinitabsays the odds of detect a four-leaf clover on the an initial try room 10,000 come one, when the odds of detect a five-leaf clover top top the very first try room one million come one. Five-leaf clovers are also meant to bring more luck and also financial success come the finder 보다 a four-leaf.

While Lam claimed he felt the was lucky to uncover the five-leaf clover, he doesn’t think four-leafs are that tough to find.

The St. Paul student claimed he stumbled across a four-leaf clover last year together he to be running back into school after recess, and found an additional this year throughout outdoor science class, back a leaf acquired ripped turn off of the one.

Lam uncovered yet another four-leaf clover – i m sorry he additionally had laminated – while play spike sphere at school.

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“I knelt down and also looked at the ground at a few patches the clovers and I found it a couple of weeks before I found the five-leaf. I discovered them in the very same area.”

He added his sister has additionally found a pair of four-leafs as well as his mom.

“So they’re no that tough to find, just discover a field with clovers and look approximately in the patches and also eventually you’ll discover one in about an hour or two,” the said. “If not, well, just find one more field.”