In The Legend the Zelda: Ocarina that Time, planting Magic bean has good benefits because that Link. Discover all about where to perform so in this handy guide.

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In The Legend that Zelda: Ocarina the Time, there space things a player can do the will administer nice benefits in the future; planting Magic Beans is one of them. Each Zelda game comes v its own plot, and also this details game is divided by time travel. Basically, civilization either play together young Link, or connect seven years in the future.

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by planting the Magic Beans, football player are offering future connect with part handy shortcuts. This is since each magic bean seed planted sprouts a magic platform plant that transports link to different locations in the game. Some of these lead to Gold Skulltulas, pieces of Heart, rupees, and also more.

11 The bean Seller Location

This is the most important part of the mission. Without locating the bean Seller, this quest can"t be completed. It"s pretty easy to discover him, though. Simply follow the financial institution that leader to Zora"s River and he"ll be ideal there, chomping under on his pricey Magic Beans.

Actually, the bean prices don"t start off also steep, however the cost rises through each purchase. The p prices range from 10 rupees to 100 rupees, so make sure Link"s wallets are always ready to make faces the p guy. In various other words, football player will require the Adult"s Wallet to complete this mission. It"ll also save football player some take trip time to save up just sufficient money come buy all the bean at once. Save up 500 rupees.

The first one is extremely simple. In short, watch right beside the p Seller to view a dirt patch through a little hole in the middle. Place the magic bean there to flourish a p sprout. Boom, there"s the very first one.

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simply peek in ~ the map to see specifically where link is standing. This will certainly also assist in detect the bean Seller himself. Just like any kind of other good old-fashioned mission, the beginning is always the easiest. Save in mind, the areas are not constantly going to be this obvious. The payoff is that Adult attach can conveniently get to Zora"s Domain without traversing increase the river or acquisition the shed Woods shortcut.

The best way to access this sprout is by going into the lost Woods and turning left upon entering. Here, the Skull kid is present. Overlook him for now, and exit come the left again. This is the area roughly the bridge to Kokiri Forest. The p sprout dirt spot will be the first thing in sight.

native here, it"s most basic to simply go ahead and knock out the next lost Woods sprout. This will conserve players part time. Just make sure that navigating the shed Woods isn"t a task within itself, since it certainly can be. This platform will make it simpler for attach to gain from the lost Woods come Hyrule. Why is this necessary? The Trading sequence side search requires a quick shipment from this area, and the platform deserve to make this a little quicker.

This one is in the room whereby the woodland Stage game is. Over there are additionally two greedy, cowardly Deku Scrubs hanging the end here. In fact, the seeds plot is right next to the Scrub on the right. Due to the fact that the shed Woods is for this reason trippy, getting to this room is the main concern.

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from the entrance, revolve right, then left, climate right, then left again, and also finally make another left to arrive. It"s simpler to simply go ahead and also combat the Scrubs to acquire them the end of the way, climate plant the magic bean. Ta-da! The payoff lies in a great ole yellow Skulltula the awaits in ~ the peak of the platform"s path.

This is definitely one of the simpler locations come find. The fourth seed pod is situated behind the Kokiri shop. Merely walk to the appropriate side of the shop and spot the dirt patch. Plant the seed and wait 7 years for complete growth.

This one is pretty much for fun. After hopping onto this bean platform, attach gets a nice aerial tour of Kokiri Forest. The only benefit to this aside from its coolness is the players have the right to pick up 26 rupees. It"s tho fun and it"s essential when perfect the Magic p quest.

~ above entering the graveyard, go up to the reduced left corner to find the dust patch. Tree a magic bean and patiently wait 7 years for its growth. Many thanks to the Magic p sponsors "Master Sword" and "Temple the Time," the miracle grow technique is possible. Just place the understand Sword in the base of Time to rate through those seven years like it"s nothing.

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This bean platform is one of the more helpful ones, taking attach to a new Piece the Heart. He demands to be effectively prepared for that Ganon fight, therefore the much more Pieces the Heart, the better.

This one is nice quick, yet it"s only possible for players who recognize the Bolero the Fire. Merely use this tune to warp to the fatality Mountain Crater pedestal, and also the dirt pod will certainly be right next to Link.

It"s safe to say that this is one of the most useful platforms. V this one, attach can acquire two pieces of Heart.

This p patch is pretty straightforward. Merely climb up death Mountain indigenous Kakariko town to discover a dirt patch right in front of Dodongo"s Cavern. It"s also feasible to reach this indigenous Goron City by going down the mountain rather of up. Either way, it"s straightforward find.

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The p is basically a power-up helper because that Link. That can help players quickly find a piece of Heart, it acts as a s shortcut to Goron City and Death Mountain, and also it also helps rate up the Biggoron knife side quest. This is definitely a handy bean worth planting.

Lake Hylia"s Lakeside activities is the following location, together it has a p plot right beside it. This one is very straightforward to find, and is situated next come a yellow Skulltula.

Like countless other p platforms, this one has many uses. It will take attach to a piece of heart on peak of the Laboratory, and also it can acquire him come the Fishing Pond, i beg your pardon is helpful for players who haven"t win the Water Temple.

as a kid, connect will view a Gerudo woman and a milk cow right next to this p spot. The easiest means to get to this one is to hazard some understanding by diving off the bridge to Gerudo Valley and landing on the platform rather of in the water. Ouch. Yeah, it smarts, yet it"s the simplest way. Walk on under this small island to discover the patch together the cow and the woman.

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This bean platform takes attach in the air and helps him collect red rupees. It ends at the item of love that"s located behind the waterfall. Overall, this p is a good-time investment.

The beautiful Requiem of spirit is important in perfect this critical bean-planting mission. Warp come the Desert Colossus and also make way to the temple"s entrance. There will certainly be a dirt patch right external the door.

there are plenty of benefits to this magic bean. There"s a gold Skulltula and also a Piece of love awaiting football player who use this p platform.

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