The most striking thing about Christina Lucci could be how little her digital footprint is. The 32-year-old model is astonishingly difficult to discover online. Having actually spent nearly half her life in adult entertainment, Lucci keeps a low social media profile. Ahandful offan on facebook accounts exist in her name, together dovarious Twitter and also Instagram accounts, however her actual involvement through the web is challenging to gauge.

Still, Lucci—née Christina Marie Hopkins in brand-new Jersey—continues to perform her thing, i beg your pardon mostly consists of solo erotic work-related that showcases her ample bosom. Sometimes that means videos whereby she dances around and also shimmies her breasts for the camera, occasionally it means posing in small bikinis or underwear sets. Most of the time, though, Lucci stops short of full nudity in her sexual performances. She seems to have set out for much more mainstream fame: A 2005 push release native her previous production company, Pasadena images Inc., nodded to aspirations in function films and also hip-hop music videos. Therefore far, the last seems to have actually panned out.

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At a time when most content indigenous adult entertainers and also porn stars is blogged and reblogged almost everywhere the internet, a smaller sized footprint and surprisingly large fan base do Lucci was standing out. Here’s whatever you might not know about Lucci.

Everything girlfriend didn’t know about Christina Lucci

1) She’s much more of an erotic design than a porn star

Lucci started what became her modeling career as a 16-year-old, posting picture of it s her on her very own website. She became the internet’s an initial recognizable “non-nude” model, according to her IMDb page. She walk on to pose for the supposedly defunct off the lot magazine and in various, breast-centric shoots that, because that the most part, check out her partly covered increase or in sheer lingerie.


2) She may have helped popularize those suggestive graphics tees you wore in middle school

According to her IMDb page, Lucci became an “anonymous web phenomenon” in 2006, modeling for a T-shirt website whose garments had together provocative slogans together “not everything’s level in Florida” top top them. Lucci stays in Florida, and is reportedly an E cup, for this reason the irony is evident.

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3) She shows up in an Eminem music video

Lucci auditioned because that an Eminem music video clip and 2005, and according to she IMDb page, she made the cut: Lucci appears in “Ass favor That,” return which component she theatre is sort of unclear.

Watch below to see for yourself. Also, Triumph the humiliation Comedy Dog—the cigar-smoking canine puppet that popped up on red carpets in the beforehand aughts come ridicule celebrities—makes a cameo. Us bet girlfriend haven’t heard that name in years.


4) girlfriend can discover her top top cam

These days, Lucci seems largely to work-related on adult webcam sites—this, in ~ least, is the ide of a Twitter account bearing her name, which shares a collection of NSFW invitations to clock performers masturbate on camera. The website that shows up to belong come her,,also features video camer work together with videos of Lucci and other well-endowed women performing breasty activities.


5) She has allegedly “perfect” feet

Yes, her reported size-8.5 feet room perfect follow to pan who’ve given them five stars top top the “collaborative celebrity feet site” WikiFeet. Come be more precise, 364 people who voted referred to as her feet “beautiful,” 82 assumed they were “nice,” and also 50 said they to be “okay.” just 24 full said they to be “bad” or “ugly.” who knew?