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Weekly web Work #6:

Ions and Ionic Compounds

This assignment was due by noon top top Tuesday, February 18, 2003.

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The objective of this week"s assignment is to predict ion charges and to start to create chemical formulas for ionic compounds.

The electron configurations of the noble gases are extremely stable. As soon as an atom experience a chemical readjust to come to be an ion, the atom will acquire or lose electrons until it is isoelectronic (has the very same electron configuration) v the nearest noble gas. Steels tend to shed electrons and type positively fee ions called cations. Non-metals often tend to get electrons and type negatively charged ions called anions.

For example, salt metal, Na, 3s1, loses one electron to kind the Na+ ion which is isoelectronic with neon. (All the alkali metals have actually one valence electron and form 1+ cations.) Chlorine, 3s13p5, benefit one electron to kind Cl– ion i m sorry is isoelectronic through argon. (All that the halogens have 7 valence electrons and kind 1- anions.)

Ionic compounds are composed of steel cation(s) and non-metal anion(s) and have a net fee of zero. Salt chloride, NaCl, is written of Na+ and Cl– in a one come one ratio which provides the formula zero charge. Once writing the formula for an ionic compound, the symbol for the cation is written first.

Note that developing ions native neutral atom is a chemical reaction. Click below to check out sodium metal and chlorine gas reaction to form sodium chloride. This video clip clip is indigenous the McMurry textbook companion internet site ( If friend can"t watch the reaction, there is a photo of it on page 74 in her text.

The following questions are designed to help you start to think around ions and ionic compounds. You might wish to look at thing 4 section 7 (page 79-81) and also section 10 (bottom of web page 84-87) in your textbook.

Predict the formula the the compound developed when lithium and fluorine react. (Remember, elements in the same group react similarly.)
2. Predict the formula that the compound formed when potassium and iodine react.
3. What ion will certainly magnesium form?
4. What ion will oxygen form?
5. What ion will certainly aluminum form?

When creating the formula for ionic compounds, the total positive charge from the cations add to the total an unfavorable charge indigenous the anions must add up to zero for the formula to have actually a zero network charge. When writing formulas for an alkali metal reacting v a halogen, the ratio of ions is one to one. Psychic our example of NaCl above? NaCl is written of Na+ and Cl– ions. Therefore 1(1+) + 1(1-) = 0

What around the link that develops when calcium reacts v bromine? Calcium forms the 2+ ion, Ca2+, due to the fact that it needs to lose 2 electron to be isoelectronic through argon. Bromine develops the 1- ion, Br–. The formula for calcium bromide is CaBr2. You need two bromide ion to balance the 2+ charge of the calcium ion so that the formula will have no charge. 1(2+) + 2(1-) = 0

6. Predict the formula that the compound developed when aluminum and chlorine react.
7. Explain the thought process you provided to figure out the formula for aluminum chloride in question 6.
8. Predict the formula because that the compound formed when potassium and oxygen react.

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Explain the thought process you provided to figure out the formula for potassium oxide in question 8.

You can modify your responses till you room satisfied v your answers. Remember, the purpose of the assignment is to assist you think around a topic. Her answers don"t need to be "right" to get credit, you just need to answer the questions with your best effort.

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