Night of the Twisters is the semi-fictionalized novel based upon the tornado outbreak in cool Island, NE in June 1980. The story by Ivy Ruckman published in 1984, is composed from the point of see of 12-year-old Dan Hatch, that – ~ his home and also neighborhood are damaged by among the tornadoes – starts a find for his parental as an ext tornadoes roll v the area. This is a nail-biting publication to use for a novel study, literature circles, publication clubs, or individual examine in the great or residence school to hook also the most reluctant that readers.

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Night of the Twisters has been honored with number of awards over the years including the golden Sower Award, the Iowa Children’s selection Award, and also the Sequoyah Children’s publication Award. This novel has likewise been honored through the superior Science Trade publications for youngsters recommendation by the National science Teachers Association and Children’s publication Council.

Summary the Night of the Twisters:

*From the publication jacketWhen a tornado watch is approve on a Tuesday night in June, 12-year-old Dan Hatch and also his best friend, Arthur, don’t think lot of it. After ~ all, tornado warnings are a way of life throughout the summer in grand Island, Nebraska. Yet soon enough, the wind begins to howl, and the lights and telephone avoid working. Then the emergency siren starts to wail.

Dan, his infant brother, and Arthur have actually only secs to acquire to the basement prior to the monstrous twister is on height of them. Small do they know that also if they perform survive the storm, your ordeal will have only simply begun…

Peak tornado season is March v June so this is a good time to lug this story into your classroom. This book is exciting and also hooks reluctant readers through the graphics details the this real-life event.

To have the ability to tie this story come a real-life occasion draws student interest in. This event, consists of 7 tornadoes that touched down that evening in, or near, cool Island was arguably one unparalleled occasion in meteorological history. The is most likely that never ever before, or since, have this plenty of slow-moving, damaging and also deadly tornadoes impacted such a small, but populated geographic area because that such a long time-span of 2 hours and also 45 minutes…

You can read an ext about this weather phenomenon indigenous the national Weather Service and The genuine Night that the Twisters.

This opens up up opportunities to tie your reading/language arts to scientific research instruction. Not to point out the inevitable discussions that will certainly develop around “what would certainly you do if…”

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Night the the Twister is a fast-paced, nail-biter the a story the your students will not desire to put down!


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I was 6 months pregnant that night. I lived in the Kingswood trailer park, beside the Fonner Park race equine track off of Stolley Park rd. In ~ 8:30 pm as soon as the sirens walk off, we visited the north side of city on the corner of 15th st. And Eddy, to a friends ar with a completely furnished basement. It to be a hell that a night, grapefruit sized hail slammed down on us. 250 mile winds damaged everthing in your path. I still have actually the image of the damage. I relocated to the high desert that Arizona ~ that. My first memory at 3 yrs old ~ above the farm yard in Plainview NE to be of a twister chasing me up the long driveway, mine uncle came running down to me and also scooped me up and also rescued me. The afternoon the windmill in our frontyard blew over.