Bazookas and also puppies; airbags and sweater meat. Breast names are like breasts: you can never have actually too many.

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Sadly, not every one of us space blessed with boobs.

Sprinkle titties

If friend don’t have actually breasts in her life, you have the right to still choose great names because that them. Women name your future children years in advance. Why shouldn’t males name your future pillows?

Play her cards right and one day you could get to fulfill a genuine pair. In the flesh.


Lest Ed Uncovered be labelled a one-trick pony, we’ve widened our assigned work from naming male and also female genitalia to specify name boobies. You’ve no idea just how proud our mother are.

Are you ready? every aboard the breast express.

Names for breasts

★ Brad Pitts

★ Brads

★ Britneys

★ Bikini Stuffers

★ Airbags

★ Muchachas

★ Bonnie & Clyde

★ Dairy pillows

★ Hooters

★ Knockers

★ Norks

★ Duds

★ Duddies

★ Jugs

★ Globes

★ Melons

★ Baps


Immature names because that breasts

★ Boobies

★ Titties

★ Chihuahuas

★ Gazongas

★ Chi chis

Girly names for breasts

★ Boobs

Scottish names because that breasts

★ Chebs

Words you have the right to use in the bedroom

★ Tits

Names for big breasts

★ Zeppelins

★ Lewinskis

★ Goodyears

★ Sweater stretchers

★ Traffic stoppers

★ Wife material

★ Speed bump (cos they’ll slow-moving you under as you’re travel south)

Names for tiny breasts

★ Bee stings

★ Cupcakes

★ Fried eggs

★ Molehills

★ Tetitas

★ JB

Cute names for breasts

★ Snuggle pups

Names because that pointy breasts

★ Nose cones

Names because that lactating breasts

★ Milk ducts

★ Udders

★ Double lattes

★ Lactoids

★ Bitty nozzles

★ Baby feeders

★ Lecheras

Spanish names because that breasts

★ Muchachas

★ Mamas

★ Tetas

★ Pechugas

★ Senos

★ Melones

★ Lolas

★ Ubres

★ Pomelos

★ Pasitas

★ Delantera

★ Bolsa de aire

★ Pechos

★ Bubis

Breast names nobody uses, however should

★ Flesh bulbs

★ Chitty bang bangs

★ Feel stations

★ L1 and L2

Breaking poor names because that breasts

★ Heisenbergs

★ Saul Goodmans

★ Walt Jrs

★ Pinkmans


By Ed Uncovered


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Tobias Feltus on Nov 28, 2013 at 4:14 afternoon

I dare say friend forgot Boulders, together in the materials of an end the Shoulder Boulder Holder (what a mouthful).

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EU top top Nov 28, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Good shout. How remiss!

kiks top top Nov 26, 2014 at 11:27 afternoon

You forgot puddings!

Jimmy Paul Chanda on jan 3, 2015 in ~ 3:39 am

who space you kiks?

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