First impressions are so important. That very first meeting can regularly shape various other people’s perspective of girlfriend forever!

Let’s make certain that they have actually a great impression of friend by learning how come say ‘nice to accomplish you’ in Korean. This little phrase will not only display that girlfriend have an excellent manners, but additionally that you took pleasure in meeting your new friend, acquaintance, or potential future romantic partner.

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We’ve contained a complimentary PDF variation of this lesson you deserve to take through you top top the go. Check it out:

Get just how to to speak “Nice to accomplish You” in Korean totally free PDF

Below, we’ll display you the various methods to to speak ‘nice to accomplish you’ in Korean.


This informal variation of ‘nice to meet you’ is almost identical to the continuous version. The only distinction is the there is no 요 (yo)at the end.

Taking far the 요 (yo) is the method to make standard expressions right into informal expressions. Due to the fact that you’re going to be utilizing ‘nice to accomplish you’ with people you’re an initial meeting, then you’ll likely want to usage the conventional or formal version. This is because you’re no close to the other person yet.

You can use the informal version of this expression with young children. The is since they are below you in the social rank for this reason it’s not important to usage formal language with them. In fact, the might seem a bit strange if you offered the formal version.

Wrap Up

There you have it! You’re all set to go out and also make korean friends. The the three phrases, you’ll most likely want to start off by learning the conventional version first. That’s since you will be able to use it through the widest selection of people.

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Once you acquire that phrase down, you have the right to use the informal expression by merely dropping the 요 (yo). Lastly, include the officially version and also you’ll it is in all collection to go.

Now get out there and also start mingling! and if you’re no confident sufficient yet, put in some much more time with an ext Korean Phrases. ^^