Given below is the flight time native Newark, United says to Honolulu, unified States. Flight time calculator to calculate time taken to reach Honolulu from Newark by air. The nearest airport come Newark is Newark Liberty global Airport (EWR) and the nearest airport come Honolulu is Honolulu international Airport (HNL)

Flight time native Newark come Honolulu is 10 hours 42 minutes

Non-Stop flight duration native EWR come HNL is 10 hrs 42 minutes (Operated through American Airlines)

Non-stop trip time is about 11 hours 15 minutes.

Quickest one-stop trip takes close come 13 hours.

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However, part airlines can take as long as 37 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

Non-stop trip time indigenous United states (EWR) come United says (HNL) by different airlines

Most that the flights by major airlines departing native Newark arrive at Honolulu international Airport. Honolulu is offered by 1 global airports.

EWR ➝ HNL 10 hrs 42 minutes
US prayer
EWR ➝ HNL 11 hours 3 minutes
Iberia airlines
EWR ➝ HNL 11 hrs 3 minutes
Caribbean airlines
EWR ➝ HNL 11 hours 3 minutes
British prayer
EWR ➝ HNL 11 hrs 3 minutes
Delta waiting Lines

Number of Airports in Honolulu :1 global Airport variety of Airports in Newark :1 global Airport

Distance in between Newark, United claims & Honolulu, United says is 7970 Kilo Meters

Flight time indigenous Newark come Honolulu via Los Angeles • EWR come HNL via LAX

Flight duration from Newark Liberty global Airport to Honolulu global Airport via Los Angeles worldwide Airport, United says on United Airlines flight is 16 hours 43 minutes

EWR come LAX6 hrs 22 mins LAXWaiting Time4 hrs 17 mins LAX to HNL6 hrs 4 mins Total Duration:16 hrs 43 mins

Flight time native Newark to Honolulu via Los Angeles • EWR come HNL via LAX

Flight duration native Newark Liberty global Airport come Honolulu international Airport via Los Angeles international Airport, United claims on American Airlines trip is 24 hrs 25 minute

EWR to LAX6 hrs 25 mins LAXWaiting Time12 hrs 15 mins LAX come HNL5 hrs 45 mins Total Duration:24 hrs 25 mins

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Flight time from Newark, United claims to airports close to Honolulu, unified States

Direct flight and one stop flight time indigenous Newark Liberty international Airport, Newark come airports nearest come Honolulu is offered in the table below

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
EWR - OGGMaui, HI, Kahului airplane 13 hrs 57 mins Non-Stop

Airlines operation flights in between Newark and also Honolulu

Newark time is6 hoursahead that Honolulu

Current time in Newark, United says : Fri, 5 Nov, 2021,Newark Timezone: EDT (-04:00)

05:48 afternoon

Current time in Honolulu, United states :, Fri, 5 Nov, 2021,Honolulu Timezone: HST (-10:00)

11:48 to be

Flight Time between Newark & Honolulu • EWR - HNL trip Duration

How long is the trip from Newark to Honolulu? What is the Newark - Honolulu trip duration? What is the paris time from Newark to Honolulu? uncover answer to this questions...

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EWR come HNL flight - Newark Airport to Honolulu Airport flight Route Map

The airports map listed below shows the place of Newark plane & Honolulu Airport. Understand the trip direction and Newark to Honolulu trip path

Newark - Lat: 40.6899, Long: -74.1782 Honolulu - Lat: 21.3329, Long: -157.921

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Find trip time native Newark Liberty global Airport or Newark or any kind of other plane or city in United claims to miscellaneous other destinations about the world using this flight time calculator.

A perform of significant Cities/Airports approximately the people is provided below. Click on any type of of the airport names given listed below to discover the flight distance indigenous Newark to those airports.

Find trip time native Newark Liberty worldwide Airport or Newark or any kind of other plane or city in United says to assorted other destinations about the civilization using this flight time calculator.