This Russian-made require for rate Underground 2 Remastered trailer brings ago fond memories.

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by Dim Angelov, onJuly 14, 2021, 10:00

When you hear electronic Arts, you most likely think the the publisher who wants to case our cash through any means necessary. The said, in spite of their non-saw crusade of finding new ways to north our credit transaction cards, the studio has offered us some pretty epos stuff. Among their best creations is 2004’s require for speed Underground 2. The game had comprehensive customization and open-world gameplay, and also quickly gathered an tremendous cult complying with (myself included). Because that years, we’ve to be craving a remastered underground 2, yet EA wouldn’t offer us one (because they won’t make much cash native it). Luckily, Odonata Cinema is giving us an epos trailer reflecting us just how a remastered variation would watch like.

The trailer showcases every little thing that’s good about the need for rate Underground 2. We start at the Bayview Airport whereby it’s a merganser evening and also the top “Riders top top the Storm” is playing. Immediately, you can spot the much much more realistic reflections and also much more detailed textures. Us hear the initial conversation (in Russian) after which we space greeted through Rachel’s wide-body Nissan 350Z.

The sequence transitions come a spirited drive, in which the “Z” weaves v traffic ~ above the long stretch wherein loyal fans supplied to do peak speed runs.

The familiar V-6 soundtrack is additional by blow-off noises, some of which room taken indigenous the genuine world.


We then shift to the “Ring road” overlapping the main city. The 350Z is joined by two other legendary NFS dare – the “Most Wanted” BMW M3 GT R and also the Nissan Skyline R34 GT R indigenous the an initial NFS Underground. The trio is a wet dream for any kind of die-hard need for rate fan. I understand I would want to have actually at the very least one of this cars (GT R).

The trailer ends with the three cars lining up just like in the underground 2 intro. Instead of racing, the cars go their different ways, as the roadway sign points to “Olympic City” – NFS Underground’s location, “Bayview” – NFS underground 2 location, and “Rockport City” – NFS most Wanted’s location.


As Easter egg go, this needs to be among the most epic ones, as well as the 3 cars, of course. Although need for speed Heat at this time embodies many of the facets that do the franchise great, us still have that nostalgia in the direction of Underground 2. EA probably won’t do a remastered version, so our expect lies in elevation developers. What’s even sadder is that digital Arts make remasters, e.g. Mass Effect, and also yet they room still neglecting the fan-base revolving around Underground 2.

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If who in EA is clever enough, they can use NFS heat as a base for a limited-edition secret 2 Remastered. Maybe throw in a pair of brand-new cars if they’re at it. Ns guarantee people will buy it, myself included.


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