Is your ideal friend a mermaid? It can be true. Mermaids are all about us, and also they are closer than you think. Have actually you noticed anything strange walk on with your best friend? take it this quiz to uncover out.

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Is your ideal friend a mermaid? She could be human, a half-mermaid, or a full mermaid. Does she hang out roughly water sometimes, walk she continue to be away indigenous water, or have actually you never seen her the end of it? take it this quiz to find out.

Created by: Julia

What is her age? Under 18 year Old 18 come 24 year Old 25 come 30 years Old 31 to 40 years Old 41 come 50 years Old 51 to 60 years Old end 60 years OldWhat is your gender? masculine FemaleDoes your friend favor to swim? Yes, she does sometimes. No, she freaks out roughly water. I"ve never seen her get out that the water. She made a splash in ~ my pool party. Whenever i ask her if she wants to go swimming, she states that she is sick. I met she at the beach, so yes.Whenever you talk about mermaids, she... Asks you what color tail you would have if you were a mermaid says that mermaids room stupid and also looks far Laughs climate says,"Look at the seagull!" tells you that she likes fairies more Asks what you have for a snack says that there are definetly no mermaids at this beach...When you make her mad she... Stomps out of the room Points her hand at her math textbook and also later you find it drenched Grits her teeth and a storm starts at sea Yells in ~ you walk this crazy motion with your hand water sprays appropriate on her head Winds ten times the speed of hurricanes begin to blowWhen you catch her swimming, it"s... during the day in ~ midnight in ~ sunset at your swimming pool party when the beach is closed all the timeDuring the winter she"s... playing in the snow Inside and also she seems a little relieved friend don"t understand where she is, the coast is closed building a snowman also though the snow is melting Doesn"t want to play and also the snow and also she keeps her street from hot coco Is the pool tarp moving?During the rain season you... check out her outside See very little of she Can"t uncover her in the phonebook watch her jumping in puddles watch her walking down the sidewalk in "rain armor"(lots that rain coats, umbrellas,etc.) Can"t go visit she at the beachWhat"s her clothing style? A nice sundress long sleeves, lengthy pants, boots, gloves, ski masks, wait... Isn"t that summer? You"ve only seen her in a pink bikini top and also whatever she wears together a bottom. T-shirt and also jeans. Additionally her worn out sneakers. A shirt and also pants the smell favor salt. A bathing suit? her top has actually seashells sewn top top it.What"s her favourite food? ice cream an extremely dry chips Tuna Pizza plain bread BarnaclesWhen girlfriend ask if she wants to join the swim team, she says... "Sure, sound fun." "I"d fairly play soccer, ha ha." "I, um, live in a various town so, um." "I"d love to! We have the right to dive together." "Sorry yet I need to do my homework currently so, um, bye!" "Oh, um, what"s that? i think my mommy is calling me. Pretty to meet you!"When you squirt her with a water pistol she... Laughs and squirts water at you Runs right into the bathroom and locks the door Asks you what this gizmo is assaults you through her stuffed tiger Rushes for the the next towel and also dries herself automatically tells you the she has to go

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