A Ducking castle Did walk is a three Stooges Classic. 1939
Shirley temple stars in The Bluebird (1940)
The Sea Hawk through Errol Flynn (1940)
Maltese Falcon (1941) staring Humphrey Bogart
The Bird guy of Alcatraz (1962) with Burt Lancaster
The Pigeon the took Rome (1962) staring Charleton Heston. A classic comedey collection in WWII
A classic Hitchcock The Birds through Tippi Hedron indigenous 1963
One Flew end the Cuckoo’s swarm (1975) v Jack Nicholson
Three work of the Condor (1975) v Robert Redford
The Eagle has Landed (1976) Staring Micheal Caine and Donald Sutherland

Day 48 the 100 days of Blogging

Need a gift for a bird enthusiast? Or maybe simply something to watch the next time friend can’t uncover anything on one of those 500 satellite networks that you save scrolling with over and also over, each time reasoning there’s gained to be something “good” on? well then, think about one of this 10 classic movies v a bird themed title that are sure to fit the bill! While they stretch ago a few decades, this “oldies” still make for great entertainment also today. (Check Amazon because that DVDs).

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Movies marked through *B* space those where birds are actually component of the plot.

#1. A Ducking castle Did Go (1939) -The 3 Stooges – Con guys hire the Stooges to market memberships to a phony duck searching club. *B*

#2. The Sea eagle (1940) -Starring Errol Flynn – A buccaneer is rental by Queen Elizabeth i to defend his nation’s understand on the night of the Spanish Armada The Armada is wait for the assault on England and Thorpe (Flynn) surprises castle with strikes on their galleons whereby he shows his skills on the sword. 

#3. The Bluebird (1940) –Starring Shirley temple –A woodchopper’s youngsters are led through the Fairy Berylune top top a magical trip through the past, present, and future to find the Blue Bird the Happiness. 

#4. Maltese Falcon (1941) –Starring Humphrey Bogart – A exclusive detective takes on a case that requires him with 3 eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and also their search for a priceless statuette. *B* – if you counting the jewel-encrusted falcon statuette together a bird.

#5. The Pigeon the took Rome (1962) – starring Charlton Heston- In 1944, 2 American spies, posing as priests, infiltrate German occupied Rome come relay info to HQ yet can only communicate via pigeons as result of the applied radio silence. *B*

#6. Bird guy of Alcatraz (1962) -Starring Burt Lancaster- A surly judge murderer organized in permanent isolation redeems himself once he i do not care a famous bird expert. *B*

#7. The birds (1963) -Starring Tippi Hedren in this Hitchcock standard A well-off San Francisco socialite pursues a potential friend to a little Northern California city that slowly takes a rotate for the bizarre once birds of all kinds suddenly begin to assault people. *B*

#8. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest (1975) – starring Jack Nicholson- A criminal pleads insanity after acquiring into trouble again and once in the psychological institution rebels against the opening nurse and also rallies increase the scared patients. 

#9. Three work of the Condor (1975) – certification Robert Redford – A bookish CIA researcher finds every his co-workers dead, and also must outwit those responsible till he numbers out who he have the right to really trust. 


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The Eagle has Landed (1976 ) – certification Micheal Caine and also Donald Sutherland- (WWI) A German plot to kidnap Winston Churchill unfolds at the elevation of civilization War II.