Logitech manufactures computer system peripherals which are supplied throughout the world and are recognized for their top quality without coming with a heavy price tag. In spite of the company having intensive expertise in production mice and keyboards, there are several reports by customers who complain the their computer mouse double-clicks rather of a solitary one once using.

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Logitech Mouse

This actions is viewed in both cases; brand-new mice and older persons (over a year). This problem is officially recognized by Logitech and Microsoft and both have listed soft workarounds to fix the issue. In this article, we will go with all the potential fixes and see if we deserve to fix your mouse.

What reasons Logitech mouse to twin Click?

The double-click trouble for various mice has actually been below for quite some time. It is a known reality that plenty of mice finish their resides after demonstrating this problem when they are provided for rather some time. To sum up, here are several of the reasons why her Logitech mouse might double-click instead of a solitary one.

Mouse settings: Your mouse settings can be set to double-click instead of a solitary one. This function has remained in Windows for quite some time and also may provide you one illusion that there is a problem with your mouse.Accumulated static charge: If the computer mouse is offered intensively for large amounts that time, the static charge could get collected which may cause the issue.Spring is loose: The spring within the clicking mechanism might have gotten loose with use over time. Us can shot to remedy this however there room no promises it will certainly work.

Before relocating on through the solutions, make sure that your mouse is not damaged physically. If part component is damaged after falling down etc. You will not be able to fix it using any type of solution.

Note: Before proceeding, girlfriend should shot plugging the computer mouse to other computers. This will aid identify even if it is this is a trouble with the settings stored in windows or a hardware issue.

Solution 1: Checking mouse Settings

There is a high probability that the mouse settings collection on your computer are not collection correctly and because that them, you double-click unintentionally. The computer mouse will be working properly; its actions will be readjusted just because of the change in settings in Windows. Us will check each setting one by one and see if tweaking them fixes the issue.

Press windows + R, form “control” in the conversation box and press Enter. When in the control panel, pick Large icons present in ~ the top-right side of the screen. Now choose the alternative Mouse.Mouse option – manage PanelNow relocate the slider the double-click speed to the really lowest.Reducing double-click speed

Now check if your problem is resolved. If girlfriend still challenge the double-click scenario, friend can try checking one more setting.

Press windows + S, form “single click” in the conversation box and also open the regulate panel choice Specify single-or double double-click to open which return in the results.
Specify single-or double double-click to open – home windows searchNavigate to the General tab and underneath the heading the Click item together follows, check the option Double-click come open an item (single click come select).
Enabling Double-click to open an object (single click to select)Press use to conserve changes and exit. Now restart your computer system properly and check if the worry resolved.

Solution 2: check for revolution Charge

According come our user reports, there are also several instances whereby the mouse after being provided for long periods of time might construct a revolution charge. This may cause it to double-click instead of a single one. We will follow a very simple an approach to discharge every the revolution charge and see if this fixes the issue.

Turn off the mouse and remove the batteries indigenous it.
Power cycling mouseNow repeatedly press the 2 buttons on the computer mouse for about 30 secs to 1 minute.
Clicking computer mouse simultaneouslyPlug everything ago in and check if the concern is resolved.

Solution 3: Checking mouse Drivers

If both the over methods nothing work, us can try updating or installing your mouse vehicle drivers all end again. This will certainly refresh the entire configuration of her mouse and also it will show up on your mechanism as if it simply was installed. All the saved choices will also be lost.

Press home windows + R, kind “devmgmt.msc” in the conversation box and also press Enter.Once in the machine manager, expand the category of “Mice and also other pointing devices”, situate your mouse, right-click top top it and also select Uninstall device.
Uninstalling computer mouse driverAfter uninstalling, unplug her mouse. Take out the batteries and wait because that a few minutes prior to plugging everything earlier in.Now you can either navigate to Logitech’s main website come download the chauffeurs from there or let home windows update gain the motorists for you automatically. Inspect if this solves the issue.

Solution 4: filing a Warranty claim to Logitech

If you have a warranty duration on your mouse and also the over steps quiet don’t solve the double-clicking issue, friend can file a guarantee claim. There were many users that reported that their mouse started double-clicking soon after they began their mouse. Apparently, this is a widespread problem with Logitech mice.

Logitech Warranty insurance claim website

To paper a warranty claim, you have to navigate come the main Logitech Warranty claim website and submit an applications with suitable serial numbers and product descriptions.

Solution 5: do the efforts to repair the Spring

If you carry out not have a vouch on her mouse, us can try fixing the spring on your mouse clicking mechanism. Each switch has a small click mechanism existing underneath the human body of the mouse which gets clicked as soon as you press the button. That is feasible that the spring inside that mechanism is either loose or broken.

Do keep in mind that this could dismantle and render your mouse useless if you execute not carry out the measures as provided so continue with excessive care.

Locate the screws under the mouse and also unscrew the human body from the mouse. ~ the body is unscrewed, remove the body closely without psychic the interior architecture.

Note: You could need to eliminate the protective covering over the screws to open it.

Removing human body of mouseNow you must locate the click mechanism which is causing the problem. In this case, either best or left-click could not it is in working. Notification the white button on top. Once we eliminate the casing, this will loss off so it is in careful.
Locating problematic click mechanismNow we need to remove the black casing of the click mechanism. To open up the cover, you deserve to use a level head screwdriver and also gently background the cover away from the latch. This will help remove the cover slightly so you can do the very same at the backside.Removing black casing the click mechanismNow we relocate on to the source of the problem. The sprint you see below is the mechanism which performs the click. You have to remove the small copper spring within the click mechanism.Removing tiny copper springNow you should use the driver as presented in the snapshot to bend the curve when holding the down with your finger therefore a suitable curve is established. This will create an ext tension as soon as it is provided in operation.Establishing a ideal curveNow come the tedious part. You should reinstall the stress and anxiety spring by it is registered it come the small hook in ~ the front of the mechanism, as presented in the picture. Then use the level head screwdriver to press the bent tab right into place while keeping the rear of the spring under the small arm at the rear of the mechanism. Pay distinct attention to the arrows labeling in the 2nd picture (these room the point out you need to emphasis to or the mouse will no operate).Reinstalling stress springNow us are ready to reassemble the click mechanism. First, download the small white switch (preferably v tweezers). Hold the cover through one hand and with the other, location the body upside down as shown and connect it.Reassembling click mechanismBefore friend put back the whole body, make certain that you give a couple of clicks test. If the is clicking properly, you deserve to reassemble the whole body. Now try connecting come the computer and also check if the issue is resolved.

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Note: These steps are advanced and might require a lot of patience. They can not be performed by an median user in peril of rendering the computer mouse useless.