Some very valuable pieces of art are on screen at the Museum Fantastique. However rumor has it the notorious international artthiefthe black color Widow is the end to get one specific item... The Scream. Unfortunately, it"s up to you to uncover out because you"re under arrest. You have to go approximately the French island the Counterfeit looking for clues, and also intruding the an enig hideout of the black Widow!

Let"s record an art thief! organize on! an initial look around the island to familiarize yourself with the story. Acquire a web page from the French dictionary from the internet Cafe, climate run appropriate to Downtown.

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Grab a green balloon indigenous Bobo"s Clown Store, i beg your pardon will aid you run higher. Run right, and also collect some tickets to the underground tourism from the trash bin come the right. You"ll decision to give them to the rightful owner. Hey! Who stated that? currently keep going and also give the balloon to the littlecryingboy in the Countryside. Uh-oh... He"ll take off flying! You can see him again later on in truth TV Island and the SneakPreviewfor Cryptids, quiet flying. Get back to the net Cafe and give the ticket to the man addicted come PONG. Currently that he"s distracted by the TV, you deserve to talk to him. He will be happy to have them back and give you the other one. There"s the balloon boy, on the news. Try to act chaste as you walk the end the door.
rise the Moldy Baguette Inn to collection thegargoyledrawing item on a appropriate side home window ledge. Operation all the way right come Downtown and use the ticket to get in the underground Tunnel tour. When inside, the annoying tour guide will start complying with you around. That"s fine, but if shed her climate you cannot leave the tunnel. It"s fairly simple to monitor the tunnel; no forks or anything. When you reach the large dome over you, in between the two skeletons, rise the lightbulb wire to the top and also slide off right to collection the 2nd torn photo piece. This part will be simpler if you have a balloon, yet you deserve to do that without. Store going increase the slope. Walk left a little more to complete the tour.
A strange man will be wait for girlfriend there. Speak to him and also you will find the scream is walking to be stolen. Hmm... Sounds kinda fishy come me. The hasn"t told united state his surname so we"ll just contact him strange Guy. He will give you accuse to satisfy him there atnighttime there. Okay, now go right and also jump increase onto the rock to collect an additional drawing piece. Operation left and also collect the photo piece from the height of the boat. Run right into the museum and also apply for a task there indigenous the male near the door, but first collect the 2nd to last ugly snapshot piece from the roof of the museum, outside. Walk up the staircase come the left and talk come the assistant curator. Part "joker" relocated the paints around, and you need to arrange them again to acquire the job. Normally this would take a while, yet this is a Poptropica cheat website. Cheat Sheet:middle paint at upper left (CUBISM) -> right painting at upper ideal (IMPRESSIONISM)the one you have actually now -> right painting at reduced right (EXPRESSIONISM)that one -> center painting at reduced left (REALISM)the one you"re transporting -> center at upper left (CUBISM again) That"s four, isn"t it? currently talk to the assistant curator. Step right into the Forgery Detection Lab. Speak to him again and he will let you choose a station. The an initial one is the easiest. In the first test, you choose which one is a forgery by utilizing the X-Ray wand to discover if there is an additional sketch underneath. If there"s a map out underneath, it"s legit. The exactly answer is the fourth one.
following test is easy, simply run the magnifying glass end the paintings and also the computer system will decide for you. The one v the wrong signature is a forgery. The correct answer is the middle one. because that the critical test you uncover one area in the "photo" that gives away the fact that it is a forgery. The culprit area is around the moon, due to the fact that even if you don"t see every one of the moon at night, the rest is quiet there, shadowed through the Earth. Stars can"t shine with it!
The following station is harder. Below you must test a repaint sample to identify if it is actual or not, by click the best chemicals together they pass with the tiny frames. The appropriate order is:green, red, blue, red for the first onered, green, blue, blue for number 2blue, red, blue, eco-friendly for the critical one. When you have the job, you will be offered a vital to the supply room. Leave the lab and also go right, through the hall to the protection area and also the statues. When there, run left and also go into the other office. Left again, then open the supply closet making use of the key. Collection the last drawing piece from there. Over there you have the finishedgargoyle drawing! currently leave the museum through it. It will certainly be dark now, and also Downtown will be closed because that repairs (what? city closed because that repairs?..). That"s fine. We require the Docks, top top the west (left) side of town. Strange male will have currently opened the door come the underground tunnel because that you. Walk in.
walk left and also climb increase the chain. Drop turn off right and also climb the wood stand. Usage the drawing you"ve to be collecting to tweak the features of the diagram up there. The automatic guides will aid you a ton. Hit the brand at the peak to open up the door. Walk up, unlock the it is provided Closet, and creep progressively out. Watch for the number in the protection Office window, and only run past as soon as she passes by, to the right. Now enter the frostbite room.Avoidthe lasers here by hiding behind the statues and other items once they come close. Don"t be impatient! This component is similar to the searchlight part in an excellent Pumpkin. Once you"re done, departure the room and go left, come the Scream. Click on it, then climb onto the lightbulb over it. Uh-oh... You motivated the alarm! The next day you discover yourself in jail...

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take it the lie detector test. It"s really easy; ns really don"t think I have to post answers here... Leave Downtown as soon as you"re done and run into the museum security office on the hallway in the peak floor. Speak to the Inspector. Operation over to the clown store and talk to the guard. That will offer you his time card, showing once he was the end (for around twelve minutes close to 4 o"clock.) take it this to the inspector back at the museum. Use the security video camer footage to seek to the time the guard was gone. You"ll watch Strange guy on screen!
Click publish SCREEN below to take photo of the scene, then take that outside. If you show it to the human being in town, you"ll find none of them understand the man. Except the mimes, who don"t even give girlfriend a straight answer. They just start whistling... What could that mean? run all the means into the All that Jazz Cafe and also go right. There"s strange Guy! he will speed off. Operation up the stairs and exit the place, climate hop top top the motorbike listed below to follow him about town for a while. You won"t catch him this way, though. He"ll escape in a boat at the docks and you have the right to collect his an essential card. Still, don"t acquire road rage!
Whew! that was tiring... Return to the museum and there will certainly be a package waiting for you. Open up it and also X-Ray the copy (or actual version. That knows?) of the Starry Night. It will have actually instructions because that you to meet the museum curator in beforehand Poptropica. Well, what room you waiting for? Hop right into your trusty blimp and also head on end there now! operation left and also into the PopArt Museum. The curator will give you a crucial and a message. Take it it earlier to Counterfeit, and also run right to the Countryside. Use the an essential to open the head of Inspector Vueve-Niore. That method "Black Widow" in French. Uh-oh... And also the crucial from the curator fits the door! and remember what the man near create your own Masterpiece said to you? This is starting to gain on mine nerves!
Inside, climb approximately the peak floor and click ~ above the peeling paint there. It will certainly come off, revealing... THE SCREAM!!! The Inspector is thethief! who will turn off the lights, and also after part muffled sounds you"ll uncover yourself in the black Widow"s lair. You"ll figure out her grasp plan, and then Strange male will speak to you. He"s been betrayed, too. Make your way to that by swinging your mouse in his direction. Move it gradually forward, then yank the back. Sudden movements will doom you. Quickly you will be untied. Walk all the method right to the guarded room. Follow these instructions to happen the guards and begin the last battle:Walk every the way left and jump ~ above the items to obtain to the upper floor,throughthe gapOnce up there, run onto the boxes and also crates to protect against the safety thereLook up and watch for the time the guard increase there turns his backJump up and also trail him slowly, then usage the bouncy sofa to gain to the height floorUse the an essential card to get in the room quickly you"ll discover yourself in the black Widow"s private gallery, the the paints she"s cleverly stolen over the years. Go left and you will come confront to face with the black color Widow when again. Strange guy (who"s no so strange anymore) will certainly run over to the hand-cranked lift and also ask you come crank it, while in ~ the same time not letting the value of the items the notorious artthiefis wrecking go over $1 million. She will certainly throw the arts in teams of four, uneven you lose some. Jump up to them or otherwise touch them to catch. At the finish of each team her confront will turn all red and also will punch off. This is the time you should quickly run left and also spin the crank clockwise. The trick is to return specifically under her every time you record (even though she throws them in a collection pattern) Don"t garbage time do the efforts to avoid the grenades she throws, they"re not as well disruptive. As soon as the elevator is all the means at the top, she will be knocked out and also you have beaten the world"s most feared arts thief!

Ah. Therefore this is how she accessed she hideout -- with the web Cafe. Fulfill the curator in ~ the the museum, and also now that the black color Widow has been defeated, it"s for sure to disclose the museum"s secret: priceless art that simply could not be stolen has been cleverly surprise behind the walls. The curator will offer you the Island Medallion. Ultimately your work is paying off.