At our 20 mainly ultrasound, we found our twins were both boys. My husband and also I assumed we had actually a pretty good idea the what our future was going to look like: sports, roughhousing, bumps, bruises, scrapes, numerous groceries, and superheroes. Small did we know that for among our boys, it would typical pink, Elsa (from Frozen), kittens, arts and also crafts galore, dresses, and also makeup.

Understanding and Acceptance

I’ll admit, till my kid started showing gender non-conforming tendencies, i was just like every other parent, and if I can go ago I would. Ns never had actually anything versus children who execute not conform to gender standards or stereotypes; i love them all the same. However, I never ever thought around the means our parenting can make the distinction in a son being them-self or not. As soon as ns noticed the signs that my child was not conforming to the sex norms laid the end in prior of him, i did a 180 and educated myself and also have since collection out to education others, as well.

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I won’t lie: having a boy who likes come wear costume in public, prefers princesses over superheroes, and also swooned the an initial time the walked right into an Ulta has not been easy. But, that magical. (Note: we do use masculine pronouns as soon as referring to Michael since he is no transgender. Michael fully identifies as a boy however doesn’t correct world when they refer to him as a girl; he no care).

Watching my kid grow and develop gift comfortable in his very own skin and also with that he is is my job as a parent, no issue what that looks like. Loving and accepting my children for who they room is non-negotiable. As lengthy as my kids are good, kind, and happy human being beings, I have done my job. This is the simple part. The hard part comes from the outward forces surrounding us daily.


Navigating Differences

I never ever realized how gender-stereotyped our society is. Possibly I never offered it much thought or possibly I was naive come it. One of two people way, my eyes were opened wide. Fun fact: did you know that originally, plenty of many year ago, pink was used to represent boy and also blue was provided to represent girl? the wasn’t until years later that apparel manufacturers decided to rotate that around, and also it stuck.

Why walk it matter at all? the a color. Ns repeat, a color. Why is makeup only for females (except in performing arts, then it’s OK for males come wear it)? Why is it expected that women have to primp and also crimp yet not men? and why is it so wrong if a man does desire to primp and crimp come look nice, yet it’s looked at in a horrifying way? my questions about gender stereotypes can go on and also on and also on. If we seriously stop and also have coherent thought roughly this, does it truly do sense?

Family Matters

Gaining family acceptance has likewise been a struggle and also continues come be. I will never tell my kid they can not have or carry out something since it is “girl” or “boy.” Instead, i’ll tell castle they can’t have actually something once they room not getting anything (we all understand what walking into a store with youngsters is like), or if it’s unreasonable for their age or our values. If my kids are picking something out and also one wants Legos and also the various other wants a brand-new tiara, ns game. What injury is that doing?

Many have told me I need to be managing this. I should tell my kid “no” when he desires nail polish and also wants me to take it his picture all dolled increase in his princess dresses. The factor suicide is so high among LGBTQ+ children is due to the fact that of this very reason. Kids in this community have that hard enough in our devilish world; they perform not need to be fear to be that they space in their own home.

I dread the concerns I acquire every year about what to gain the guys for Christmas and their birthdays. I recognize that details family and also friends perform not really want to know what Michael wants. If i told castle the truth, it would turn right into a fresh round how he shouldn’t be offered those things. Furthermore, perform not call me that you support my child and do not judge him yet follow this v a “but” because this “but” immediately guarantee a judgement or problem is coming.

School Days

Our twins started kindergarten this fall, and also we were terrified. Important scared the the protected bubble us have created for Michael in ours home and also at his loving preschool would burst. We carry out not desire the glowing light that shines from Michael to be dulled or extinguished. Thankfully, we space blessed with an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond to evaluate the differences in she students. She is important special. Also better, an additional student in the class is gender non-conforming, too, and also both mine sons have actually gravitated come this child and befriended them.

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My twins, side-by-side, at Legoland

Never Stopping

My youngsters are being elevated to be exceptional individuals and to judge civilization by your character and also kindness. If every parents teach their children to live and also treat others this way, i wholeheartedly believe this world would be a better place. One with much less suicide and hate and more working with each other to understand differences and also creating equality for all.

It’s tough to believe that a society as occurred as our lacks what I think to it is in basic, humanistic principles. We launch robots to much parts of the universe, transplant organs, and connect come the civilization in the palm of our hands; yet, us cannot law others fairly and equally. I wish through all mine heart that my youngsters will see this dream come to life in their lifetimes.