A TikTok video clip has gone viral after a mum and daughter decided to take it a pregnant test at the same time.

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The video, by tik user
rdubb, reflects the two women standing in front of a bench through the unopened pregnancy test results still in their wrappers.

Watch what occurred in the video above

Daughter Rylee has two party of water in prior of her while she mum has an unopened party of wine, plainly expecting to be celebrating she daughter’s pregnant in just a couple of minutes.

“Ready?” Rylee asks she mum.

“Yeah,” she mum responds, rather nervously. “Do the slow.”

Nervous countdown

Rylee climate counts under from 3 and they both open their outaramuseum.orges at the same time.

Rylee’s result is negative - yet her mum’s reaction reflects that hair is not.

“Oh mine god .... I’m gonna freaking cry,” she says.

At very first Rylee doesn’t believe her - yet then her reaction is priceless.

“What .... Closeup of the door the prior door!”, she exclaims.

A mum and also daughter took a pregnancy test with each other - and also the result reaction is hilarious. Credit: TikTok

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“That one time i took a pregnant test v my mom and ended up v a brand-new sibling,” she captioned the video.

The reaction by followers was mixed, in spite of the mum seemingly enjoyment - if a small shocked - by the result.

“I can’t imagine having a get an impressive child and then having actually to perform it all again,” one human wrote.

“I’m 23, my brothers is 2, have fun girl,” aramuseum.orgposed another.

‘Mother-daughter bonding’

“Just part mother-daughter bonding top top a Monday,” another said.

“On the UPSIDE, you now acquire to have actually that totality bottle of alcohol yourself,” one human being joked.

The video clip was clearly taken part time ago, because Rylee posted an update mirroring her visibly pregnant mother.

“The update you’ve every been wait for,” Rylee wrote.

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“At first we didn’t really think it to be real.

“But that was! and also we to be so excited.

“And then we found out it was a boy.”

In a follow-up video clip Rylee posted her mum's ultrasound picture. Credit: TikTok

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The last part of the video clip shows Rylee’s mum with just one month to go.

“Awww! i’m the youngest and my sisters room 10 and also 17 year older 보다 me, wow, you gonna love it,” one human being responded.

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“Aw, you space going to have such an amazing bond with him,” wrote another.


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