I am making a jail because that villagers but all of them deserve to open the door and also be free.

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Is there any door a villager can"t open?



Yes. In fact, villagers can only open wooden doors.

Villagers can"t open fence entrances or trap doors, nor can they use buttons or levers, allowing you to use iron doors, iron trapdoors, or just about any redstone-based door device without them being able to escape.


Villagers deserve to in reality open iron doors other alot of world overlook if over there is no press plate or lever etc. Climate will have the ability to open and also close the door and in some cases lock you the end of your house. I"ve had actually this occur in my present survival world. I"ve also had them open the steel door when there is a lever and also a pressure plate too but I think that"s more of a an insect with the pressure plate on the various other side of my doors 보다 it is through the villagers capacity to open up it.


You can use glass and sticky pistons. Just stick the sticky pistons in the wall facing you and put a switch on the exact same wall, then make a redstone wire bring about the 2 sticky pistons. You might put one more button and also do the very same thing with the within so the you don"t obtain stuck in over there either.


that was addressed in the more recent updates that bedrock and java i have actually never had actually a villager open a iron door in vanilla minecraft yet in the furnicraft addon for minecraft bedrock robert gomes screwed through the code allowing villagers to open up iron doors the is the only instance that thats taken place to me however it was fixed in the later versions that minecraft

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