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Mike Farrell"s actual wife showed up in eight episodes of M*A*S*H

Their love story spans twenty years and ended when M*A*S*H did.


"I don’t remember leaving a wake-up scream," Mike Farrell"s B.J. Hunnicutt claims sleepily in the opened scene of the M*A*S*H illustration "Out of Sight, out of Mind."

Two nurses, a blonde and also a brunette, have entered the Swamp in the middle of the night, whispering loudly and also coming come ask Hawkeye to aid after the heat stopped functioning in their tent. It"s not their whispers that disturb B.J., however rather Frank"s overreaction to your presence, shouting loudly at the nurses to quiet down.

"It"s heat in here," Hawkeye says, jokingly lifting his covers. The brunette scolds Hawkeye, reminding him that there are four nurses in their tent, every freezing. Hawkeye begrudgingly gets up and also goes to assist the nurses.

The blonde nurse in this opening scene, because that those uninitiated to M*A*S*H family history, is in reality Farrell"s first wife, Judy Farrell. She appears in eight episodes of the show and this 5th season illustration is her very first appearance.

Judy Farrell to be married to Mike because that 20 years, divorcing the exact same year M*A*S*H ended.

In Mike Farrell"s story Just contact Me Mike, he speak at length around their relationship and how Judy got him into acting. They both began their theatre careers at the Laguna Playhouse in California, and amongst the numerous talented young stars lock encountered on this scene was future movie star Harrison Ford.

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As Mike and Judy"s love grew, for this reason did their love that acting, and Mike chose to shooting his shot and also go to Hollywood. Judy to be supportive, yet the street strained things in between them. She had a life in Laguna, and also he was spending every his time in L.A. Still, Judy was thrilled for her husband, Mike writes.

In the beginning, Mike struggled to acquire the serious parts he wanted, and also though the soon acquired a contract and also had a stable paycheck to support his family, he came to be disappointed v how far he was acquiring in Hollywood. Then, an possibility to replace Wayne Rogers top top M*A*S*H arose, and Mike claimed he was certainly interested. The cautiously hoped for the best, gift a pan of the M*A*S*H movie.

By this time, Mike and also Judy had actually two kids and had come to be "doting parents," Mike writes, the kind of devoted parents that others case stopped being funny to it is in around.

When Mike got called in to audition because that M*A*S*H, he says he was together nervous together a boy on a very first date and also that the remembers tiny about that day due to the fact that his nerves blocked the end the memory. Of course, us all know he obtained the part, and over his time on the show, his mam Judy would likewise occasionally appear in episodes.

Mike writes of the cast, "They had come to love Judy."

Ultimately, the divorce was a result of their lives continuing to go in various directions. "I was devastated," Mike to write in his book. The pair remained amicable with it all, and also both remarried, her to gibbs Joe Bratcher and also him to actor Shelley Fabares.

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In she career, Judy Farrell showed up in more than a dozen TV series, consisting of Get Smart, Emergency!, The Partridge Familyand Fame. She also wrote more than 100 episodes of Port Charles and also an episode of Fame. She appeared the most on M*A*S*H, though, and even obtained to it is in a component of the show"s famed finale, whereby she acquired to view for it s her the power of Mike Farrell"s acting talent – i m sorry shehelped bud and bloom – together he helped deliver one of the many poignant last moments in TV history.


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