Metals are great conductors that electricity due to the fact that A metal atoms are arranged in a continuous lattice. B metal ions are an extremely close to each other. C metal ions are complimentary to move through the lattice. D electrons are complimentary to relocate through the lattice.
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price is D.

Electric present is the circulation of electrons. Metals are good conductors that electricity because their valence electrons are delocalised. This method that the valence electrons are not tightly connected to a solitary atom, however can move through the entire metal. This is the sort of bonding present between...

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Answer is D.

Electric present is the circulation of electrons. Steels are good conductors of electricity because their valence electrons room delocalised. This method that the valence electrons are not tightly connected to a solitary atom, yet can move through the whole metal. This is the kind of bonding present in between metals (metal bonds). In a steel bond, electrostatic pressures are in ~ play between the delocalized electrons and the positive steel ions. This forms a "sea that electrons". Due to the fact that the electron are complimentary to relocate in the lattice that positive steel ions, lock can easily move. 

This, however, is not the sole requirement. They also need partly filled energy bands. As soon as both are satisfied, application of an electrical field will cause the to move across the lattice and migrate.


Hence, metals are great conductors due to the fact that (D)electrons are free to move in the lattice.

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