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By exdriver
MegaMan fight Network 3 StylesGuts Style:

With an emphasis on buster attacks, the guts style gives megaman the guts device gun, a fast fire buster assault activated with fast presses the the B button.Program color: redLevel 2 program-super armorLevel 3 program-BrakbusterLevel 4 program-BrakchargTo this format make sure you use your buster allot, especially when you custom gage is full.Shield Style:This style is all about defense. When megaman start a fight he starts with a 1 point barrier, and also with regime blocks the earns, the gains a safety like relocate activated by pressing the B button and ago on the control pad.Program color: blueLevel 2 program-blockLevel 3 program-shieldLevel 4 program-reflectTo gain this layout make sure you don't gain hurt in battles and use lots of defense chips.Custom Style:At the start of every battle, megaman has six chips to pick from instead

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of 5. Regimen color: blueLevel 2 program- practice 1Level 3 program- practice 1 yellowLevel 4 program- tradition 2 redTo gain custom uploads numerous chips and do numerous chip combos.Team Style:Get a little an ext help from your friends through the default ability to have 1 more mega course chip in your folder. By installation the program you knife you can have as much as 10 mega course chips in your folder.Program color: greenLevel 2 program- megfldr 1Level 3 program- megfldr 1 pinkLevel 4 program- megfldr 2To gain team use lots of mega class chips in a battle.Bug Style:When used any bugs resulted in by the customizer are nullified, yet in each battle megaman will start with a random an option of bugs. Most of castle are hopeful like start with 10 chips however some are bad like to decrease health.Program color: DarkLevel 2 program- bugstopLevel 3 program- darklcnsTo get bug fight with a bugged customizer.Ground style:This program is geared in the direction of altairing the battle field.Program color: greenLevel 2 program- collection greenLevel 3 program- set iceLevel 4 program- set lavaLevel 5 program- collection holyTo gain ground use many chips that change the battle ground.Shadow Style:This layout is greatly geared in the direction of evasion. His mega buster also turns you invisible when charged up.Program color: redLevel 2 prgram- shadowshoeLevel 3 program- flot shoeLevel 4 program- anti dmgTo gain shadow use many invis chips or mole chips.If this is provided in any kind of FAQS or all over else please give credit to me exdriver.