Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue/White

Also known as: Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 (Black) (JP)Developer: CapcomPublisher: CapcomPlatform: Game Boy AdvanceReleased in JP: December 26, 2002Released in US: June 24, 2003Released in EU: July 4, 2003

This game has hidden development-related text.

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This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused text.
This game has debugging material.
This game has regional differences.

The third game in the Battle Network series. It is also the first game to be released in two versions. The second version is the Black version in the Japanese version, but was renamed to Blue version for the western release.


1 Unused Sprites2 Unused Text3 Secret Entrances/Exits4 Miscellaneous4.4 Unused Enemies5 Regional Differences

Unused Sprites

Alternate Ghost Colors


It seems the ghost NPC was supposed to have alternate colors. The overworld sprites and mugshots match. However, these sprites did not get used. The alternate colors could have appeared in the Secret Area since there are 3 areas and 3 colors.

Turned Around Dr. Hikari Sr. Sprite


Dr. Hikari Senior is only seen in one cutscene at the end of the game. Because he does not turn around, this sprite is never used. However, it is likely that at one point, the last scene would allow the player to move freely and therefore speak to him from behind causing the sprite to turn around.

Unused Twin Virus Animations


The Twin virus has several unused palettes. The palette change makes its eye glow. However, no animation in its sprite file makes this animation happen and can never occur in the game. The virus simply stands there and launches cursors. It would have made more sense if the animation played during the attack, but it doesn"t happen.

Unused Mr.Famous Animations


Mr.Famous, who only appears in the Blue version, has an unused animation of him moving his glasses and a static frame where he"s leaning forward for some reason.

Security Cube Palettes


The security cube"s two unused palettes found in Battle Network 2 are also in this game.

Unused Guard Program Palette

The Guard Program found in the WWW base has an unused red palette.

Unused Alpha Bug Palette

The Alpha Bug"s overworld sprite has a red version that unlike the blue one is never encountered.

Unused Ticket Program

If a person uses a walk through walls code (notably, the one from the Retron 5 cheat xml file. If you"re playing on Retron 5), they can find an unused and does nothing cyber ticket program if they hop on the tracks at the Sci-Lab 2 Metro Station and go right. This can be done when you get access to Sci-Lab net for the first time for the N1 preliminaries part 2.

Unused Sprites in Hades Isle

If you take the DNN boat to Hades Isle and then walk into the water, eventually messed up solid color sprites will appear.

Unused Tiny Mega Man Sprite

If you get on a small path, shrink Mega Man, and then go through a warp point, Mega Man will appear pixelated. Everything still functions normally in this mode.

Unused Text

Build Date

Stored at x471C8 (US/EU Blue)/x471E0 (US/EU White)/x47674 (JP Black)/x4768C (JP White):

ROCKMANEXE3 20021002The date is the same in all versions.

Bug Frag counter

In the ROM, near the messages for Double and Triple delete, there is also a label for Bug Frags. It seems that perhaps counting the number of Bug Frags obtained from a counter would be displayed but for whatever reason, was cut. Bug Frags from counters are always the same so it may have been deemed redundant.

EnergyChange messages

Only non-elementaleffects work!Only a Woodeffect willwork!Only an Eleceffect willwork!The EnergyChange program will only use fire and aqua chips to get rid of obstacles like trees and fires. However, this message has variations for other chip types as well, even non-elemental.

Possibly Unused Zoo Dialog

If a person uses the walk through walls code to enter the Zoo exhibits, and then presses A when next to an animal, dialog pops up with a picture of a Zoo employee that reads "We had to send all the animals back to their homes. I miss them, but at least they"re happy to be back home." Not sure if this dialog is uttered at all in the game or not.

Unused Chip Folder Dialog

If one were to have two Giga chips in a folder, and then run the Navi Customizer, it will tell you that your current folder can"t be used and that it was switched to the Xtra folder. Trying to re-select the folder will result in Mega Man saying "Too many Giga chips! Change them!". Since you can"t normally have more than one Giga chips outside of cheats, this dialog goes unused.

Unused L Button Dialog

By using a walk through walls code to access the normally inaccessible Seaside Hospital during the N1 Grand Prix and jacking into Hospital Computer 3 by the Operating Room, one can encounter unused L button dialog. By pressing L, it will pop up "Press the L Button to talk to Lan! (but not yet)". This may indicate that the training session at the beginning of the game was meant to have more beyond the virus battle tutorial, and that this dialog would have been used in such instance.

Secret Entrances/Exits

Important: These require the use of a walk through walls code to access these. The Retron 5 has a walk through walls code in their cheat XML file.

To do:Add images.

Secret Exits/Entrances in School

If you were to use a walk through walls code and go straight through the two windows by the girl who asks for a Sonic Wave W in the teachers lounge hallway, you"ll eventually exit the area and end up at the entrance to the teachers lounge hallway. If you go straight down from there and go off the map, you"ll come across a secret entrance that takes you into the teachers lounge hallway. The same thing can also be done with the principal"s office and the teachers lounge. If you enter the principal"s office and go straight, you"ll go off the map and then eventually exit to the teachers lounge. If you go straight down and go off the map, you"ll enter the principal"s office. Could be they had different layouts in mind for the main entrance room, the teachers lounge hallway, the teachers lounge and the principal"s office but decided to go with their current designs but forgot to remove those warp points.

Secret Exits in Beach Station

If you use a walk through walls code to walk through the open train entrance and go offscreen (when the blue appears), you will stumble upon an exit that will take you to in front of beach station. If you enter and then go down from the exit, you will find another exit, though it"s not straight down from the main exit. Finding this exit is a bit more difficult than the other one. Exiting here takes you to the same place as the other secret exit.

Secret Exit in Dex"s House

Enter Dex"s house with walk through walls enabled and go straight up, going off the map and you"ll encounter an exit that will take you outside of Dex"s house.

Secret Exit/Entrance in Mayl"s House

Climb up the stairs and then keep going till you exit the map. You should appear in front of Mayl"s stairs. If you continue going down, you"ll eventually reenter Mayl"s room.

Secret Exit/Entrance in Lan"s House

If you enter Lan"s room and continue going up, you"ll exit his room and end up by the stairs. If you go down from the stairs, you"ll wind up in Lan"s room.

Secret Exit in Higsby"s

Enter Higsby"s shop and continue straight up and you"ll fall off the map and find an exit that will take you outside and put you in front of Higsby"s.

Secret Exits and Entrances in Sci-Lab

If you go into the room that you were in at the very beginning of the game and go up and fall off the screen, you will reach an exit that will take you to the entrance of the virus lab. If you go down from there, you will enter the virus lab. If you take the elevator to your dad"s lab and go down from there, you"ll activate an elevator script which will take you to the main floor. If you go down from the main floor, you"ll activate another elevator script which will take you to your dad"s lab.

Secret Exits and Entrances in Seaside Hospital

If you go to the elevator (but not get on it), and go down from it and fall off the screen, an elevator prompt will come up after a while asking you which floor you want. This works with all floors in the hospital.

Secret Exit in Hades Isle

If you enter Hades Mountain and keep going straight, you"ll reach an exit and come outside in front of the mountain. Currently, there is no known secret entrance into Hades Mountain, but if one is discovered, this will be updated.

Secret Exits/Entrances in Yoka

If you enter the hotel, and continue going up, you"ll exit the building and wind up in front of the hotel. If you go down from there, you"ll reenter the hotel. If you enter the hot spring and go straight up, you"ll exit the bath. In the hotel room, if you align yourself with the outside exit and go straight down, you"ll end up outside. If you go straight up, bypassing the emergency exit, you"ll find another exit to the hotel room behind it. If you do the same thing as above to the hotel room entrance, you"ll exit to the other side of the emergency gate. If you go straight up from there, you"ll eventually get transported to the outdoor bath side of the emergency gate. Doing the same thing as mentioned before will put you inside the zoo, while going straight up from there will put you at the admissions booth. If you go down from the stairs at the inn, you"ll end up upstairs in the guest room hallway. Now, this one is a bit more complicated due to Lan following along with the curved path regardless of the code being active, but if you can align yourself right, you"ll find a secret exit that will put you in the inn lobby. Yoka, so far has the most secret exits/entrances in the game.

Secret Exits/Entrances in ACDC Net Area

If you continue going straight to the point you fall off the map in ACDC 2, you"ll eventually end up in ACDC 1 again. If you go straight down from there, you"ll end up in ACDC 2 again. If you do the same thing with the other entrance in ACDC 1 by Dex"s HP, you"ll wind up in ACDC 3. If you go up from there, you"ll wind up back in ACDC 1. This cannot be done with the ACDC 2 and ACDC 3 entrance.

Secret Exit/Entrance in Yoka Net Area

If you take the other entrance to Yoka 1 (the one that leads to the Bug Frag Shop, not the space where you fought Bubbleman), and continue to go straight down, you"ll end up back in Yoka 2. Doing the reverse in Yoka 2 takes you back to Yoka 1.

Secret Exit/Entrance in DNN Studio

If you go straight up from the studio entrance, you will enter the studio. If you go straight down while in the studio, you"ll enter the studio hallway.


Unused Styles

The game has several nameless styles which cannot be obtained by any legitimate means. There are non-elemental style changes which function almost exactly like their elemental forms. Alternate colors are also used, some of which don"t correspond to any style. Those colors include darker palettes only used with a Bug Style.

Unused Chips

The game has several unobtainable chips, all of which use the Mega Buster image. These chips are mostly chip versions of buster attacks. The name "Delay" is used when the attack is a buster attack. "C-" attacks are Back+B moves. There is no reason for these chips to exist because custom busters don"t have to be based on chips, as seen in the past game.

Inaccessible Rooms

There are 2 rooms in the game that cannot be freely explored. This is because they are only used in cutscenes. Despite the fact, they have full names and walls. In the Old SciLab, some parts have short temporary descriptions which can be read. The layering is also fixed as the chair can be seen in front of Lan. Exiting the room takes the player to the exact center of ACDC Town; an incomplete exit. The completeness of the map suggests that it may have been explorable at some point as is seen with the Dr. Hikari Senior sprite. Exploring the room might have seemed redundant and was cut from the final game to only go straight to the cutscene.

The Monitor Comp is another cutscene-exclusive map. It is also named despite the fact that cutscene maps don"t have to be named since a name wouldn"t normally be encountered. The room is complete and even has a description for the server. Other than that, the map is empty and the warp in the center takes the player to the telephone in Yai"s house. When L is pushed, the description for the Edu Comp comes up and Lan talks about giraffes. On the map list, this is also the last legitimate "Comp" on the list. The maps that come before and after the Monitor Comp are all dummy maps given the name *test msg* and have no random encounters or messages.

Unused Enemies

Unused Versions

The final boss, Alpha only has 2 different versions: regular and Omega. However, the game requires all enemies to have 4 versions, so WindBox enemies were added as filler.

Punk, normally an optional boss exclusive to the Blue version, has an Omega version programmed into the game despite not being able to be fought. All bosses have Omega versions which are unlocked in the game. Since Punk is exclusive, he is not required to be fought.

There are also 2 unused versions of Serenade for the same reason as Alpha. Only two versions exist and can be fought normally.

Unused AIs

An unused AI for Punk can be found in the game. It has an attack that the normal Punk never uses, where he bounces off the sides off the field in a zigzag motion, similar to the AirHoc chip in the later games. The AI appears to be unfinished as Punk does not move on his own if you stand still, but he does react to your movements and attacks in a way that the normal Punk doesn"t.

The following Action Replay v3 code replaces the AI for Punk V1 and Punk Alpha with the unused AI in the North American region Blue version of the game.

Unused AI for Punk/Punk Alpha (ARv3)47D46229 D5D426507A447754 749BB0E6

Unused Battlefields

The game has over 150 different premade battlefields. However, only a handful of these are actually used. As with the past game, there are a lot of different battlefields which can be hacked into a battle.

Bugged Up Version of Zoo Event

When you go to Yoka Zoo for the first time for the school trip, and once you sleep in-game, and receive the e-mail from the dad (don"t read it yet), one can use the walk through walls code to walk through the room divider and leave the room. You can then walk through the emergency exit to enter the Zoo. Once in, everything is as if Chisao has been kidnapped by the condor (the animals are not in their cages, and the panda computer can be jacked into), though the animals are not scattered about the map like they are when the Chisao event is started, and there are no Zoo employees in sight. And, when you press A in front of an empty cage, normally you"d get the "There"s no animal in here, it"s totally empty" dialog like you would if you did it during the actual event, but this time, nothing pops up. The panda and the panda comp have dialog however. Also, if you read dad"s email in the Zoo itself and not your hotel room, the navi customizer tutorial doesn"t open up upon reading. To remedy this, simply go back to your room and the tutorial will start, and gameplay will proceed normally. This can also be used to access the secret undernet server in the lion shaped hot spring. You should deactivate the walk through walls code when you are told to meet in front of the zoo entrance as the event will not activate, and when you talk to someone, dialog comes up with Mr. Famous"s picture with text that says "Show me what you got.", then the game freezes, requiring a restart.

Find the Boy"s Missing Camera Quest

When you reach Yoka for the first time for the school trip, and are able to access the Zoo exhibits, one can use the walk through walls code to walk into the snake exhibit the little boy is standing in front of, and activate the quest that requires you to find the kid"s missing camera by talking to the snake with the A button. Check the gorilla sign, and then return to the snake and talk to it to return the camera and get a mod code as a reward. This can be activated with the elephant and its poop as well.

N1 Grand Prix Meets Hospital Situation

If one uses the walk through walls code to walk through the barrcades that block the seaside hospital during the N1, they will find the hospital has no one in it, the vines from the tree of life on the 1st floor have grown to the ground (like in the plantman mission), and the elevator can only go between floors 1 and 2. Taking the emergency exit takes you to the basement. You are allowed to jack into the tree system, however no music will play, but everything functions like normal. You can get music to play if you walk over to the portion of the cyberworld only accessible via Beach 1 and by going back in to the Hosp comp. The Beach cyberworld music will still play even after you jack out of the Hosp comp. Taking the elevator from the basement automatically takes you to the third floor. Taking the emergency exit on floor 2 will also take you to floor 3.

Blank Under BBS

If someone uses a walk through walls code to bypass the Tally guy in beach and go to the undernet and continue to the under square, they will see there is nobody there, and that trying to read the BBS causes Mega Man to say "There aren"t any messages", causing the screen to exit back to the overworld.

Magnum Chip Guy Disguised as Flameman

If you bypass the strange presence events in Undernet 3 and go straight to Flameman, the battle will not execute, and instead, you can walk up to Flameman and talk to him to initiate a trade deal with a guy similar to the undernet guys.

Debug Scripts

Mega Man Battle Network 3 is the first game in the series to have its debug scripts left in the game. These scripts are special commands that have debug-like qualities to them and actually work in the game. Below is a list of all the debug scripts in the game. If they are read by the game, the effects activate.

04= all spin items05= open all links30= black mind/humor47= Bass requirements met60= Demo 00 01 start72= Got 1000Z73= Used 1000Z76= compression program80= Whatever8E= Setting boy98= Sleep in bed9C= Setting client of job 09D= Setting client of job 0"s friend"s NaviDF= Clear FlagE0= Beat Darkman LV1 flagE1= Beat Japanman LV1 flagE2= beat Base SP flagE3= quiz clearedE4= breeding clearedE5= job clearedE6= beat flashman LV1 flagE7= beat beastman LV1 flagE8= beat bubbleman LV1 flagE9= beat desertman LV1 flagEA= beat plantman LV1 flagEB= beat drillman LV1 flagEC= beat fireman LV1 flagED= start breed virus encounterF0= beat bass gs flagF1= Custom style LV2 get programF2= lifebit 123 battle endF4= internet burningF5= setting bass gsF8= all viruses gottenF9= key command onFA= special check for breeding virusesFB= got lifebit 123FC= got lifebit 45FD= got lifebit spThis list has a few oddities. E2 calls "Bass", "Base". Technically the name is pronounced as it is written in E2, but this isn"t a translation error but rather a phonetic error.

"LifeBits" refer to the "Scuttles" virus family. Their original Japanese names were "Dream Bits", and in the North American translation, the "Dream Virus" and related attacks/chips (Dream Aura, Dream Sword, etc.) switched the word "Dream" with "Life", to create "Life Virus" (as well as "Life Aura" and "Life Sword"). This was further converted to change "Life Bits" into "Scuttles", to be consistent with Battle Network 2"s virus naming.

Regional Differences

Due to lack of space, some animations were removed in international releases.

Title Screen

Japan North America

The international title screen got another graphical design overhaul, this time deviating from the style of the first and second games and instead adapting the Japanese Black background. The Japanese version also has a short animation in the beginning, a black background with moving texts, which continues in the black circle from the title screen.

In the European versions, the credit for Capcom USA was removed.

Jack In Animation

The Jack In animation was removed outside Japan, having only a short flash instead.

Mega Man Battle Network 3 White(Rockman.EXE 3) Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue(Rockman.EXE 3 Black)

Navi Customizer Animation

Game Over Screen

Except for the colors, the game over screen was the same from Mega Man Battle Network 2. The animated background and MegaMan"s mark were removed in international versions, and the text size was reduced.

Rockman.EXE 3 Mega Man Battle Network 3

Environmental Text Removal

While the game contains several areas with Japanese text outside Japan, some were translated, like the Metroline locations, Higsby"s shop, and the Ura Inn, and others were removed, like the みやげ (souvenir) text in Tamako"s shop.

See more: How To Write A Two Voice Poem S For Two Voices, How To Write An Original Poem For Two Voices

International Japan

Special Ending

In the Japanese version, players that finish the game with all stars are rewarded with a screen saying "CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for your "SUPER" play!!". You get nothing in international versions.

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