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Style Changes

At some allude in fight Network 2 Megaman will certainly recieve somethingcalled a layout Change. But before he it s okay a style change, he need to havethe Chng.bat installed, the is a story item so girlfriend can"t miss out on it.There a a full of 18 formats (you begin with NormalStyle) the various other 16are combine of what you can get. They room Random so girlfriend can"treally choose what you want you will get one the the 4 elements and also one ofthe 4 types. The last style you can acquire is HubStyle which increasesyour Buster however decreases your rate of fire and HP.

Note: every pics are heat to save bandwidth.. Thanks to Pierson forthePics

The Elemental system is prefer this: Aqua is weak come Elec, Elec isweak come Wood, lumber is weak to Fire,Fire is weak to Aqua

The colors for the elements are together follows: Heat: Red, Wood: Green,Aqua: Blue, Elec: Yellow, and Hub: light Blue

Name How to attain it Elements the go with it What that does (Effects)
Custom Attack mainly with battlechips and also up as manyduring your practice phase, Upload Program developments as fine wheneverpossible. Aqua, Elec, Wood and Heat Custom styles begin the battle with 7 chipsavailable per turn in the custom screen as protest to the typical 5.
Guts Charge up your Buster a lot also when the Custombar is full, charged shots native Normal format count towards a offal stylebut uncharged shots native an Elemental will not count. Aqua, Elec (my favorite), Wood, and Heat Guts style doubles your assault rate and have noknockback.
Shield Whenever possible get v fights withoutgetting hit. Upload restore Chips and Defensive chips choose CurseShieldand Barrier. Aqua, Elec, Wood and Heat Shield styles start through the Barrier additionally youcan press back and B come reproduce a shield at any time.
Team Use a most Navi Chips.

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(I"ve used ago to backNavis before and it did cause a Style readjust to TeamStyle.)
Aqua, Elec, Wood and Heat Team Styles enable you come use as much as 8 Navichipsas opposed to the 5 that you acquire normally.