Mazda3 Front patent Plate Holder

The Platypus is a front license plate bracket that is do in the USA to exacting specifications. It is just one of the finest Mazda 3 equipment for keeping your patent plate holder legal with no drilling required.

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FITMENT NOTE: This kit will NOT to the right on turbo models.


In numerous states, you require a prior plate on your Mazda, but that walk not mean you have to drill that in permanently. This Platypus is designed to fit the existing port on the former bumper that a Mazda3 for model years indigenous 2014 to 2022. This an approach of installing the prior plate is common and legal in all claims that call for front patent plates. At times as soon as the plate is no needed, it can be removed easily, leaving no map that the was ever there.

Quick Release

We believe that touchless is the only kind of automatic auto wash anyone must subject your Mazda's repaint job to. If you absolutely need to use a rag automobile wash, then the Platypus must be removed to prevent getting recorded up in the machine. We have actually planned because that this. Using the had flat wrench you have the right to loosen the bolt a ¼ turn and also then slide the key off before the wash. This takes much less than a minute. Back we have never had a plate backing come loosened accidentally, each plate backing is well balanced such that if that did the plate would hang and not fall off.


Exact right for your Mazda

This is not a one size fits every system. ~ a te of endure fitting thousands of models and trim levels this is our exact fit prior plate bracket for a 2014-2022 Mazda 3. The Platypus is especially stable because we execute not develop in the adjustability that much more universal kit require.

According to our check fitting this kit fits 2014-2022 Mazda 3. It will NOT to the right turbo models choose a different vehicle here The location of this Platypus kit will avoid triggering the PDC sensors on her Mazda. In ~ most, friend will should manually change the edge of the bowl once mounted to for sure the entirety plate is the end of the sensors view.

Fits Year(s): 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


The black powder-coated mounting key is the full size that your patent plate and includes stainless steel switch head screws that look excellent.

The stud portion is machined native 6061 aluminum and also black anodized. Us make the studs in ~ the high end of the receivers tolerance, that means the stud fits tight and stays put while you drive (this method that the stud will certainly not walk in without a wrench, prefer the stock tow hook does).

The hardware provided is the precise length for her plate mount and also will not stick through the ago to scrape your bumper. If girlfriend would prefer to download a plate frame or bowl cover, friend will need a longer collection of hardware, accessible here because that $2. We additionally offer both lengths in a black stainless stole option!



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