You probably understand him finest as Dr. Spencer Reid indigenous Criminal Minds. But Matthew Gray Gubler is much more than just an additional actor. He began his career as a model and is likewise an author and also a talented visual artist. That’s not all that’s interesting around Gubler. He owns a house that seems to have some keys of that is own. And also one night, some strange things happened, giving him his very own ghost story to tell. 

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Matthew Gray Gubler | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Matthew Gray Gubler’s strange roadway to Hollywood

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According to Biography, Gubler prospered up in las Vegas, and also as a child, he had no to plan to go after acting. The attended a high school referred to as Las las vegas Academy of worldwide Studies, Performing, and Visual Arts and also majored in drama, but he tho didn’t intended to it is in an actor.

He thought that researching drama would help him become a far better speaker, i m sorry would provide him a rise in a future career as a lawyer or other similar. However, he discovered that he enjoyed acting an ext than he expected. After ~ graduating, he ended up at new York’s Tisch school of the Arts, researching filmmaking.

While he was there, a modeling agent spotted him on the street, and they offered him work. Within two years, he was in need as a model, however he to be still interested in filmmaking. He managed to obtain an internship through director Wes Anderson in 2004. This connection quickly led to work together an actor, and also within a year he landing his duty on Criminal Minds.

From las Vegas come Los Feliz

Behold, Matthew Gray Gubler's Modeling past – #FlashbackFriday #CriminalMinds

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Gubler’s career has actually been busy and eclectic ever since. The voiced Simon in two Alvin and the squirrel movies and also starred in other films, consisting of (500) days of Summer. He also wrote and also illustrated a kids’ publication called Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belonging, and Being Yourself. It to be a brand-new York time bestseller. Gubler no only grew up in las Vegas, however his household has deep root there.

According come The Things, they have lived there because that generations, going ago to as soon as the town had only 10,000 residents. Despite this long link with las Vegas, Gubler has actually made his home elsewhere. With his liven acting career, it just makes sense that he has worked out in California, in the artsy Los Angeles ar of Los Feliz. And like so lot of his life, his home has much more than you might expect. 

‘Creepy stuff’ in his home

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In an interview through BuzzFeed, Gubler questioned his home. He said it was when owned by man Barrymore, and also it had a 1920 layout with stained-glass decor — and oh, by the way, it’s likewise haunted. Apparently, as soon as he’d just moved right into the house, a girlfriend took a snapshot of that from the outside. As soon as she later developed the film, the picture showed a mysterious small girl looking out of a window.

Around the same time, Gubler was awakened one night by a weird sound. “I woke as much as the sound the ch — ch — ch —ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch — yayyyyyy! Like, youngsters cheering? ns was like, what the heck is that? I put it the end of my mind, and then it began up again.” hear the sound a 2nd time, he realized it to be a timer indigenous a video game he had actually on the shelf in the next room.

He described further, “it was being wound and going off by itself, which i don’t understand exactly how that could physically happen … It’s not choose a button, you know? It’s an actual, you need gravity and force to turn it, but, so ns ran upstairs. Creepy stuff prefer that.” If the ghost stories about Gubler’s house sound scary, don’t worry about him. “I prefer haunted things,” the said. Sounds like he’s discovered the perfect home.