Mathematics is love. I’m sure most of you will say I’m wrong, but then you will check out the video below and acknowledge your mistake. You could say “I love you” with a simple equation or you could develop the equation of love. I bet most kids would really like to know how this equation works while still in highschool and thus win the heart of their favourite girl.

Maybe if teachers advertised mathematics in this way, we would have more geniuses than ever before. I mean, wouldn’t you put that extra effort and passion in math to be able to solve the equation of love and get to dance with your sweetheart?

Maybe life in itself is an equation that hasn’t been solved so far and that needs a lot of thought and passion and knowledge and instead of observing it under the microscope, you could just describe it with a pen and a white sheet of paper. But love must be more complicated than life in itself, right? At least that’s what it looks like when you’re in highschool and always staring at that one girl that could make your whole life a thousand times better with just a smile.

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So, for you to get that girl’s attention and really impress her, you need to send her a note containing the equation of “I love you”. It will win her over very quickly. You don’t need to be a nerd, we’ve got the equation solved, right here, for you! Enjoy!


If that one is too complicated, you could try this one. It is simpler and just as beautiful. So, what do you think? Is it worth the try? We say it is. Math is not such an ugly thing

There is another cool way of saying I love you with math, check out the image below:


And if you’re really creative but not so much on the analytic side, this cute trick is just for you:


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Don’t forget to share the I love you math equation with your friends so they could find the love of their lives too.