Similar words:manifest,manifesto,destined,clandestine,destination,lifestyle,destitute,testing.Meaning:n. A plan of imperialism rationalized as unavoidable (as if granted through God).

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4 This was the language that manifest destiny, whose speaker assumed that they were moral instances to the entirety world.
5 The doctrine of manifest destiny was distinct from the imperialist dynamic the flourished about the turn of the century.
8 The united States has a manifest destiny come be an instance and a blessing come the entire human race.
9 1845 - Manifest Destiny: us President James K. Polk announces come Congress that the unified States must aggressively broaden into the West.
11 In the 19th century Americans thought in manifest destiny, an interpretation that they assumed God wanted them to occupy the totality continent.
12 amongst them, the Americans" feeling of gift God"s preferred people and also the related ide of "manifest destiny" have significantly influenced American watch of China and other countries.
13 In this essay,(www.aramuseum.org) the writers room to analyze and explore exactly how the "Manifest Destiny" influences American development policy.
14 This Indian fighter firmly grasped the id of Manifest Destiny saying the America"s extermination that the Indians and also thefts our your lands to be ultimately valuable as it to be inevitable.
16 moving the video game westward and southward follows a grand historic progression, a sports indistinguishable of Manifest Destiny.
17 The thoughts of the early WASPs make Americans have actually a sense of priority and also the idea that Manifest Destiny and so on.
18 The diplomatic think of Quincy Adams have the right to be represented by 3 aspects: Firstly, the thought of continental expansion emphasized the theory of Manifest Destiny.
19 Jefferson"s Louisiana acquisition doubled America"slandmass, giving the country a glimpse the the Manifest Destiny come come.

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