Mall of America defense holds chin to the highest standards and also is a nationally recognized department staffed with highly trained personnel.

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We are a distinctive property and we safeguard it as such. Us pride oneself on our high caliber officers, training and also forward thinking attitude. Us take a holistic technique with our sector leading programs and also practices which incorporate bike patrol, K9 units, distinct operations plain clothing officers, a state-of-the arts dispatch center, Parental Escort Policy, crisis planning, and also lockdown drills.

Contact Security

Mall Security deserve to be reached at 952.883.8888. Assist phones transparent the Mall also have direct contact with Security. Do not hesitate to call us with any type of concerns, questions or issues you may have while visiting and if you watch something, to speak something!

Parental Escort Policy

We welcome all youth come Mall the America, however, youth under 16 must be attach by one adult 21 year or older native 3 p.m. to close, daily.

For full policy details click here.

The Parental Escort policy will be imposed all day, black color Friday + December 26 – 31 and other days as post in advance by shopping center of America.

In order to assist in our initiatives to provide a safe, secure and pleasant purchase environment, us ask for your teamwork with the following:


Conduct that is disorderly, disruptive or i m sorry interferes with or endangers service or guests is prohibited. Together conduct might include, yet is not limited to:

Running, loud offensive language, spitting, throw objects, fighting, obscene gestures, gang signs, skating, slip or bicyclingIntimidating behavior by teams or individualsLoitering, engaging in soliciting, prevent storefronts, hallways, skyways, fire exit or escalators, or go in groups in together a way as come inconvenience others Picketing, demonstrating, soliciting, protesting or petitioning 

Distributing handbills needs the prior written consent of mall of America management.

Violations the the Law

Any act defined by Federal, State or local ordinances as a criminal action is prohibited. These include, yet are not restricted to:

Graffiti, residential or commercial property damage, defacing, damaging or destroying any type of real or personal propertyUsing or possessing customer fireworks 

Guns are banned on this premises.


Appropriate attire, including shirts and also shoes, have to be worn. Inappropriate attire might include, yet is not limited to:

Apparel which has obscene language, poisonous gestures, or racial/religious/ethnic slurs that are most likely to create a disturbance Clothing the deliberately obscure the face, such together hooded top or masks Bulletproof vests or simulated bulletproof vests

Lockdown Drills

Please note that shopping mall of America conducts monthly lockdown drills.

Service Animals

Only animals trained to aid persons v disabilities are allowed within shopping center of America. 

Mall Equipment

Escalators space not come be provided as stairways once not operational. No strollers or wheelchairs are permitted on escalators. 

General Parking and also Deliveries

Hotel shuttles, taxis, and also tour buses autumn off and also pick up passengers at the phibìc Entrance v convenient accessibility from American Boulevard. This entrance is situated in the mall parking lot eastern of IKEA and also north the Lindau roadway (Lindau Lot). Signage is inserted in these locations to overview guests to their vehicles.

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Daily shuttles to and also from Mystic Lake Casino Hotel remain situated in the Transit center in the sub-level the the eastern parking ramp off of 24th Avenue. Please note that RVs are not permitted to park or drop turn off at this area.RV, semi-trailer truck, college bus and charter bus parking is only allowed in the Lindau Lot, located next to IKEA.Any automobile left unattended in the drop-off/pick-up area is subject to being towed at the owner"s expense.There is no overnight parking in ~ Mall that America which includes Lindau Lot.There is no dropping off, picking up or parking enabled on the ring road bordering Mall that America. Please park vehicles in designated parking lots and also ramps. Any type of vehicle left unattended top top the ring roadway will be topic to tow at the owner"s expense.Deliveries must utilize the investigate check allude located top top the south side of shopping mall of America off Killebrew Drive.All delivery vehicles room subject to inspection.Documentation sustaining the shipment must be listed at the examine point.Vehicles with trailers, semi-trailer trucks, box trucks and any other oversized car must park in Lindau Lot.

Truck Stops and Campgrounds nearby

Stockmen"s Truck avoid is situated 13 mile from MOA in south St. Paul off I-494. Call 651.455.0034 for an ext information. 

The following adjacent campgrounds accept overnight RV parking: 

Security Employment

Mall the America is a nationally recognized Security Department the fosters an individual and professional growth in the criminal justice field. If you wish to play a an essential role in the personal security field, use to sign up with our industry-leading team here

If she interested in applying, you re welcome go to Call 952.883.8560 or email employment