Diary the a Mad black color Woman(2005)
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Label:MotownLabel number:461502
Running time:not ~ above fileShipping date:April 19th, 2005
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Album Tracklist
1.Purify Me - India Arie
2.Sick and also Tired - Monica
3.Different direction - Angie Stone
4.Things I collected - Tamia
5.I Wanna totter - Cheryl Pepsi Riley
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Music from the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Ain\"t Gonna hurt Nobody - Brick
Assassination - Camara Kambon
Dazz - Brick (found ~ above the Starsky & us soundtrack CD)
Growl - Camara Kambon
It\"s a Love point - The Whispers
Lady - The Whispers
No Parking (On the dance Floor) - Midnight Star
Stupid - Toni Braxton
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What is the surname of the singer to sing in the dinner club recognized as Chandra\"s?(from deniecein utica, ny )
A:Angie rock (thanks to kat,soaperton)add an ext info
Q:Who\"s the female entertainer singing in the warm jazz club? I think her name began with a \"Z.\" I just can\"t pull it out. Also, is she a local talent only, go she have any type of music out in the stores?(from ivyin houston, tx)
A:Chandra Currelley-Young (thanks to sofie fatale,west coast)add much more info
Q:I have actually looked all over the place and asked this question and also can answer it. The song that is playing1 once everyone is law the \"Electric Slide.\" that sings it and what\"s the name? iIt is no \"No Parking (on the run floor)\" by Midnight Star. Talk around music triva, this one\"s because that the books...(from MLJin unified States)
A:I discovered it. I didn\"t think the details was in the song credits in ~ the finish of the movie, but there that was. I assumed it was an additional song by an additional group. But this is because that certain, the name of the tune is \"Dazz\" and the group is referred to as Brick. (thanks to MLJ,USA)add much more info
Q:Who is the medicine addicted mother singing in ~ the end in the choir scene? remarkable voice.(from Mikein Marlton, N.J. United States)
A:Tamare Taylor. She plays Camille on Bones. I believed it was a heck of a change for the component in this movie. (thanks come MrsBeardsley,Flint MI)add an ext info
A:She in reality does not sing that.... She lipsynched the song by Cheryl \"Pepsi\" Riley! (thanks to LaTonya,Louisiana )add an ext info
Q:What track is play in the diner once Helen city hall another pair getting engaged. The voice sounds favor Toni Braxton...(from t.a.in Atlanta)
A:It is Toni Braxton. The surname of the song is \"Stupid\". (thanks to Angela,Houston, Tx.)add an ext info
Q:What song/artist is playing in the intro?(from Littlein ny)
A:Prior come hearing it, ns was unmovably partial to the piano v its beloved strum in the lift of this piece. I am researching it now, yet am fairly certain it is Angele Dubeau and Le Pieta\"s, \"The Mission\". (thanks to Akosoa TjuhuTiy,Alkubulan/Texas/Alabama/Michigan)add an ext info
Q:Who plays and also sings the oldies track in the segment whereby everybody is dancing in the front lawn?...from jnjr45in Belton, Texas USA(answer jnjr45\"s question)
Q:What is the title of track from the supper club? who sings it? say thanks to you....from Barbarain Maryland(answer Barbara\"s question)
Q:What is the piano tune heard in the dinner scene wherein Helen is offering Charles the divorce papers along with the rings (just prior to she pipeline to look because that Orlando)? give thanks to you therefore much!...from Maritzain Miami, Florida, USA(answer Maritza\"s question)
Q:Who sings \"Father have the right to You hear Me\"?...from barbara carmenain brunswick,ga usa(answer barbara carmena\"s question)
Q:\"Father can You listen Me\" at the end of \"Diary\"has four lead singers. Who space they ?(from pldjrin southern carolina)
A:I understand that one is the amazing Tammela Mann... I love her! then there is the young Tiffany Evans. Unfortunately the is all i know and also can give you. (thanks come Tiffany,Burtonsville,Md)add an ext info
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