Edwards uses rhetorical devices such as direct address, striking diction, and an effective figurative language to guide his audience in "Sinners in the hand of an upset God."

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Rhetorical tools are facets that an writer or speak will use to persuade his or she audience. The human being delivering the post should, ideally, usage logos, pathos, and also ethos to sway an audience.

Edwards quickly handles the ethos section of the rhetorical situation. Together a minister, his audience is much...

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Rhetorical gadgets are aspects that an writer or speaker will use to guide his or she audience. The human delivering the message should, ideally, use logos, pathos, and also ethos to sway an audience.

Edwards conveniently handles the ethos section of the rhetorical situation. As a minister, his audience is much an ext willing to take it his words about God, scripture, and faith at face value. While Edwards doesn"t avoid using logos in "Sinners in the hands of an upset God," frequently quoting scripture to build his argument, he mainly appeals come pathos right into the sermon. His tone and usage of imagery are mostly meant come elicit one emotional an answer from his audience.

Edwards appeals come pathos in a variety of ways, including second-person addresses command to his audience ("Your wickedness provides you together it were heavy as lead") and vivid diction inspired by the scriptures ("the evil one is waiting for them, hell is gaping because that them, the flames gather and also flash around them"). These rhetorical options seize and sustain the audience"s attention.

Perhaps Edwards"s most notable device is his usage of figurative language, including metaphors and also similes. One compelling metaphor that Edwards offers is once he explains the peril that his audience is in. They worthy the fires the hell, and also they are in an excellent danger of enduring the fires of hell. Edwards conveys the idea by compare their instance to being organized over a fiery furnace.

O sinner! consider the fearful risk you room in: that is a good furnace the wrath, a large and bottomless pit, complete of the fire of wrath, that you are hosted over in the hand of the God, whose wrath is provoked and also incensed as much versus you, as versus many the the damned in hell.

Another famed image in this sermon is that of the spider gift dangled end a fire. It is a great simile, and it an extremely effectively creates fear and tension in the audience.

The God that holds you over the pit of hell, lot as one holds a spider, or part loathsome insect end the fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked.

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That simile is intended to attract an immediate emotional an answer out of the audience, forcing them come imagine us from the view of a pitiless God.