So by now you should have actually the majority of ingredient done. Over there is quiet some other bits and bobs come mop increase however.

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Super Stories

There are 6 at sight stories, one because that each episode. You will need to play all episodes again however you will have to do each illustration in one sitting. Definition you have to do all chapters on an episode before you have the right to quit. There is additionally another requirement. Friend will must reach the stud limit presented during at sight story. Extras perform not occupational here! There will also be a timer, yet rest assured the you can go over the moment limit and also it will certainly not impact anything.

Buy everything from Cantina Shop

All personalities - Indiana Jones is unlocked by the town hall his trailer, accessed in main Cantina in "?" room.

CollectorUnlock all characters.


3 guides

All Tips

All Extras

All Shop gold Bricks

Acquire every gold Bricks - 160 full Gold Bricks


Story complete - 36 Bricks

All Minikits - 36 Bricks

True Jedi accomplished on every levels - 36 Bricks

All personality Bonuses finish - 6 Bricks (1 in every episode)

All Minikit Bonuses finish - 6 Bricks (1 in every episode)

All Bonus "?" levels completed - 6 Bricks - discovered in main cantina room *See below

All Bounty Hunter challenges - 20 Bricks

Buy all Shop gold Bricks - 14 Bricks

Character Bonus Levels

There is one in every episode. The objective is to with 1M studs within the allotted time. The is fairly easy together all the destroyable objects will certainly respawn, but extras will certainly not work.

Minikit Bonus Levels

There is one in each episode. Objective is exactly the exact same as personality bonus.

*? Levels

1 Pod gyeongju (Original)

Objective: monitor the environment-friendly arrow and also use the rate pads to stay in the race.

2 Anakin"s Flight

Objective: progress along the ship and also use violet bombs to ruin targets. Once inside, usage the bombs again ~ above the targets come progress.

3 Gunship cavalry (Original)

Objective: relocate forward and also avoid lasers. As soon as you with the 3rd person stage, go roughly the whole structure and destroy every lasers and also nodes.

4 A new Hope (Original)

Objective: walk forward and accessibility the C3PO doors using 3PO, who is found in an surrounding room. Level end upon finding the princess.

5 Lego City

Objective is to ruin everything and also earn 1M studs. Extras will not work.

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6 brand-new Town

Objective: very same as 5.

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Other achievements

Arcade Master

Plug in a second controller and head come the door come the left of the illustration 1 entrance. Choose the Senate level, Duel Mode, No Target. Have the second controller jump turn off 100 times till the accomplishment pops.