The hundreds Acre timber works an in similar way to Olympus Coliseum. Even though you can access it early on, the is difficult to complete until Sora"s adventure has progressed. In order come unlock later parts the this World, Sora need to retrieve five Torn Page items from treasure chests roughly the various other Worlds. Each chest is dubbed out in the walkthrough. They space found:

AgrabahDark ChamberOpen a chest
MonstroCavern 6Open a chest
AtlanticaAriel"s GrottoOpen a chest
Halloween TownResearch LaboratoryOpen a chest
Traverse TownDalmatian"s HouseReturn 51 puppies

You can start exploring the hundred Acre hardwood as soon as Merlin opens the publication during Traverse Town 2nd Visit, yet this guide assumes girlfriend wait till after Traverse Town third Visit, as you deserve to have every one of the torn Pages by the point.

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It does not matter what bespeak you gain the torn Pages in, as the different sections that the publication are included in a set order.

1st Visit

Upon landing in the publication for the very first time, Sora deserve to only visit the Wood: meadow area, whereby he meets Winnie the Pooh and also Hundred Acre Wood is added to the Journal.

There is a chest inside the log Pooh was sitting on. Open up it for a Mythril Shard, then go back to the map. Top top the left next of the publication you have the right to now enter Pooh"s House.

You can speak with Owl here. Head around to the back of the house, climb on the roof, and Hit the chimney. You"ll hear the telltale chime that an object has been revealed. Enter the residence for one more scene with Pooh. Take it the Mega-Ether from the floor, open up Pooh"s cupboard for one Elixir, then leave to the book.

Torn web page 1

At the peak of the right page is the Hunny Tree area. Go into for a scene with Piglet, climate run around the tree come the left to gain behind him, otherwise he runs away. ~ the scene, you can speak with Pooh to start Pooh"s Hunny Hunt.

Sora requirements to protect Pooh while the eats hunny, for three minutes. Monitor Pooh up the tree, lock on come bees as they appear, and also Hit them once to do them walk away.

There is no "lose" problem here, therefore you can put under the controller and also go gain a snack if girlfriend really require to. My high score is 274.

For perfect this page, Sora gets the Naturespark summon gem. Leave the book and bring the gem come the Fairy Godmother to unlock Bambi and also the Lord luck for Donald.

Torn page 2

This web page manifests together Rabbit"s home in the height left the the left page.

Before going right into the house, get in Rabbit"s garden. Pull out the "punkins" and "cabeges" to acquire random items. Ns only obtained one Potion as soon as I tried, but apparently there is a perform of rewards. Go about to the external of the residence for a scene through Pooh and Piglet, then go into to satisfy Rabbit.

Examine the hunny pot in the rafters because that a scene, then try to leave. Pooh is stuck, so head back outside and also talk to Pooh. Sora will accomplish Tigger and will have actually to complete Block Tigger.

Unlike Pooh"s Hunny Hunt, girlfriend can lose this. Sora has actually one minute to block Tigger as numerous times as possible. Choose Owl says, stand close to a carrot that hasn"t been stamped and press

to rush under Tigger. It"s not as difficult as it sounds. My final score was 182.

Head back into Rabbit"s House, then try to talk to Pooh to press him the end of the hole. The Torn page will turn into a Mythril Shard as soon as done.

Torn web page 3

Visiting through the third Torn page reveals a tree swing at the bottom the the right page. Go into Wood: Hill and also swim v the flow to rescue Eeyore. Sora should now escort Pooh come the top of the hill. Lock on to Pooh v and walk follow me the path. If he stop moving, disengage and then relock on.

Pooh will get distracted by a hunny pot after crossing the bridge. An easy lock on come him again to get him to save moving. Upon reaching the top, Sora participates in Pooh"s Swing. Save your eye on Owl, and press as soon as he diffusion his wings. My record is 26 yd, but I"m pretty certain that"s the max you can get anyway.

For completing this page, prevent is upgraded come Stopra.

Torn web page 4

There is now a big pot and a treehouse in the center of the best page. This is the Bouncing point out area, and also there are fairly a couple of items to acquire here.

Start by walking over to the log in to satisfy up v Tigger, Owl, and Roo, and then speak v Tigger on the stump to learn exactly how to bounce. The is reasonably easy to monitor Tigger"s pattern, yet the run mechanics are a little float-y in this game, so be prepared to fail as soon as or twice from jumping too early on or too late.

After perfect the 3 courses, Sora is ready to tackle Tigger"s gigantic Pot. Lock on come the nuts together Tigger throw them, then Hit them ago at the pot. The timer is exactly how long you take to obtain to 20. Ns can"t seem to find any type of rhyme or reason to exactly how the points room distributed, but as there is no time limit, over there is no fail condition. My finest time is 00"36"11.

There space a pair of chests hidden on this page, and you can obtain some nifty items by bringing rare nuts to Owl. Unequal the COLLECTIBLES part on various other pages, there is no reason to come back here later, so ns am going to cover it every now.

Approach Tigger and he will move back to the seesaw. Head over there and choose to companion with Roo. He will launch you approximately some branches through two rarely nuts. You have the right to only bring one at a time, so grab among them, carry it earlier to Owl to obtain a Power Up.

Partner through Roo again and grab the second rare nut. Owl will trade a Defense Up because that this one.

Partner v Tigger this time to be sent throughout the page. Turn the camera a little bit to the right and also jump top top the branch front of Sora. Glide across to the rarely nut and bring it come Owl to get a Mythril Shard.

Choose Tigger one an ext time, yet turn left once you acquire into the tree branches. Glide across to a chest to get one more Mythril Shard. Jump back up right into the trees and also jump/glide come the increased branches over the landing area native the bounce course. There is one more rare nut up here, but prior to bringing it to Owl, look for a chest surprise on a branch over him. Glide over there to take the Dark Matter, then lug turn the rare nut into an AP Up when provided to Owl.

Behind Tigger and Roo is a tree stump that has receded into the ground. A bit beyond that is an additional identical stump that is increased up. Stepping ~ above the increased stump will reason a geyser to press the various other one out of the ground and up into the air. You have actually a limited time to gain Sora onto that lifted stump to get the rare nut. This gets Sora an Orichalcum.

Near Pooh is a hole log on the ground, just like the one he to be sitting on as soon as Sora first met him. Sora can break the center of this log to pick up a Mythril. Finally, jump into the stump the was underneath Tigger"s large pot. Over there is a chest in here, and also it holds an additional AP Up. Leave this web page to revolve it into a Mythril.

Torn web page 5

Find and enter the muddy route at the bottom the the left page to uncover the...Muddy Path.

Pooh needs aid finding his friends. In the center of the muddy area where Pooh is wade is a thicket. Study the clues on the much side come enter and also locate Eeyore. This beginning Pooh"s Muddy Path. Together before, lock on come Pooh to do him follow Sora. You space being timed, however there is no time limit.

Bring him towards the fine to uncover Rabbit hiding in the cliffside. Speak to Rabbit once he comes out to send him come the thicket. Carry Pooh towards the violet flower to have the butterflies lug him to the higher level. Usage the wait coming the end of the fine to acquire Sora up over there too.

Talk to Tigger ~ above the log to send him to the thicket, then target lock ~ above the beehive over the log in he was jumping on. Actors Fire in ~ it to drop it down. Bring Pooh close come the finish of the log, then go to the other side. Cast Fire top top the webs inside the log, then lock top top Pooh to bring him through. There is an additional patch of violet flowers here, i beg your pardon you deserve to use to lug Pooh come the tree hollow wherein Piglet is hiding.

Make certain to pop into the corner where Owl lands come talk v him, and send the bird down to the ground. Target Pooh from under here and also he will drop down, and you have the right to use him to carry Piglet ago to the thicket as well.

Lastly, head roughly the thicket to uncover Roo up on a branch. You just need come walk near enough and also the boy will drop down where you have the right to speak through him.

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My very first time v while writing the overview was 05"34"80. My an initial time through, top top a various save file, was almost 7 minutes. Finishing this Mini-Game earns Sora one EXP Ring. After the complying with scenes, the book is closed and you obtain an Achievement.