I'm shooting because that 100% perfect on Proud mode in KH2FM before I do crucial when 2.5 come out. I thought I to be doing quite well till I gained to GoA. I'm lvl 99 and also I obtained my ass whooped in all six of the very first bosses. The difficulty spiked a lot for me. The just one I have the right to maybe acquire close come beating is Zexion.

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Do you guys have any tips for these ceo fights in general? should I be making use of reflect a lot, have to I always be utilizing Limit form, etc.?


Try beginning with Saix, he's one of the easier ones IMO. He'll provide you some defense ups which should assist get her stats up for some of the other ones. Marluxia's battle requires you to learn every one of the attacks, however isn't that poor once you understand his patterns. Axel's struggle is quite formulaic too once you know how to consistently cause the reaction command. Limit type is very useful and don't forget around solo trinity limit for Sora's solo fights.

O_o did you speak Saix was among the easiest... I have actually beaten castle all and also for me, Saix is perhaps the 3rd hardest. Then again, different world different playstyles.

I haven't defeated every one of them, but I defeated Roxas and Marluxia at about level ~73. Ns didn't get to take it my time with the others together my save was deleted.

Most of all, simply be patient. Discover their moves. Discover what triggers your moves, discover what counters that best. Jumping, rolling, parrying, dodging, magic, whatever. Friend should also use border form, placed it on together a reaction command so you deserve to use it together a bonus elixir. Limit form is extremely powerful, however it doesn't always aid you, sadly.

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You'll come to an alert that periodically the bosses will certainly unleash deadly combos ~ above you; under together circumstances, usage limit form if you're close come death. Usage reflega or block if girlfriend can, or simply parry lock if possible. At very first you won't recognize which works best, yet you're walking to invest time killing these bosses anyway, might also spend your time preparing for your next attempt ~ above the exact same boss.

Don't it is in too tough on yourself for losing against the bosses, they're exceptionally difficult. Extreme an obstacle means you need to know the correct tricks. Top to deal the most damages in a short amount of time, top to take the least amount the damage, tricks to block or avoid their attacks etc. Just take her time