I'm in ~ Lv 52 and also I'm around to shot fighting Luxord again, and I'm simply wondering if it's feasible to get the Ultima tools for Sora Donald and Goofy without having actually to go all the means up come the an initial Xemnas fight. This is my first time playing again in year after ns bought the PS4 remasters.

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I always preferred Fenrir, yet I'm not solid enough to beat Sephiroth yet, I'm also wondering what's the quickest method to acquire the best attack/defensive devices in the game, last Mix changed things up compared to the original.


You should have the ability to get the mushroom tools for Donald and also Goofy i think. Pretty certain Sora' requires game completion.

You accurate can't have Ultima before Xemnas 1. One Orichalcum+ is derived from the Goddesses of Fate Cup, which only unlocks after the Fight.

Goofy and Donald, you have the right to though, it's simply a matter of having actually the Recipe and Materials

Best devices is all Ribbons and Full Bloom+'s because that everyone but that needs a ton that grinding and also is supervisor overkill so simply equip every little thing you have and you'll be fine.

Ultima Weapon is just for Sora and also you have to wait till you win Xemnas 1. Likewise it is rarely if ever the ideal keyblade to use in any type of situation. Donald and also Goofy don't have actually Ultima Weapons yet their the strongest weapons space the highest-level mushroom weapons. If friend ask me though, your most valuable weapons space the ones that keep them lively the longest i beg your pardon are conserve the Queen and also Genji Shield.

When I describe Ultima because that Donald and Goofy I'm referring to their conserve the King/Queen weapons.

I'm just interested in whatever maxes the end my attack

The Mushroom tools are better than the Ultima weapon for Donald/Goofy.

For protective equipment, I constantly feel full Bloom+ seems the best choice due to decent stats/AP expansion with the next of MP Haste.

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Keyblade is established on her playstyle, Decisive Pumpkin provides a boost on ground combos, if Hero's Crest gives a an increase with wait combos.


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