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Hey everybody! thanks for discovering my post! I"m new to sailing, however am learning a lot together I go. I have a great instructor so that"s good-- I"m going to walk buy a Morgan 34 next week.I desire to sail early June come Cancun from vital west, anybody recognize the best route come take? ns don"t recognize much around currents etc. So any type of advice would certainly really help! any kind of words of wisdom will perform a many of good for me so say thanks to you!

Welcome to the ideal route. You"re to buy a new to you boat next week and also making this trip next month?You"re sailing in hurricane season.You"re cruising a new to you boat with (I"m guessing from her post) small to no sailing experience.You"re sailing across a human body of water with no easy ar to bail out need to a storm popular music up and no experience sailing this new boat allow alone in hefty to excessive weather.I"m certain others can add to the perform of why it"s not a great idea. Girlfriend will, of course, get a few who say simply go for it.If girlfriend ask and also your instructor speak you this is a an excellent idea, I"d fire the if i were you.
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The boat is 67 Morgan. Indigenous what I have read it"s a reasonably easy sail if you record the best window. Two and also a half to three days. It"s really that crazy come you? I have a ton of suffer on water, yet not through sails. I do appreciate her answers though!


Halcyon Catalina 30 absent Hall, MDKB3ZCBIf you"re help someone and also expecting other in return, you"re doing service not kindness.
For every the reasons currently listed, i would indicate driving north to san Antonio, climate Interstate 10 eastern to I75 South.

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Driving a powerboat and also sailing (solo?) ~ above a crossing, even a little one, is no the same. In ~ all. Ns hope this watercraft has a roller furling. If not, going forward on a pitching deck to readjust sails when the wind gusts up simply freaking sucks. Meanwhile, nobody is at the helm and you deviate from your course, and also the sails room flapping all over the place. Does it have actually an autopilot? If not, (and if you"re sailing solo), what do you setup to do as soon as you have to sleep?I agree with the others... This is not a great idea. And also if this boat doesn"t have a furling headsail, it can be as well much watercraft for a new sailor come handle. Don"t be offended. It"s not expected as an insult. You should have actually no less than three reef clues in your main. If you only have actually one or 2 (as a lot of older watercrafts do that haven"t been cruised in), don"t walk yet. And also don"t go for all the various other reasons already mentioned. Specifically the bit around hurricane season.