Rumors that oriental actors Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk are dating, report Wednesday, have actually prompted members of the public to to mark her ahead “romances” with other stars Lee Min-ho and Jung Yong-hwa.Park accomplished her breakthrough success in the 2013 drama collection “The Heirs,” together the on-screen love attention of Lee Min-ho. A year later, she plot in her second hit drama collection “Pinocchio,” the opposite Lee Jong-suk.

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Park Shin-hye (left) and former costar Lee Min-ho (OSEN)
Fans swooned over the love scene in “The Heirs” between Lee and Park. Chinese media report in January 2014 that the two had been date for the past two months, i m sorry Lee’s firm lambasted together “ridiculous and 300% false.” Park’s company also credited the “groundless rumors” to the popular of “The Heirs” in China.
A poster because that the 2013 TV drama "The Heirs," i beg your pardon starred Park Shin-hye and also Lee Min-ho (SBS)
Lee Min-ho is at this time in a partnership with K-pop singer Suzy, native girl team Miss A. The regional news outlet that damaged the story, later confirmed by both Lee and also Suzy, to be the very same news outlet the reported Park was date Lee Jong-suk ~ above Wednesday.

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Park Shin-hye (left) and also her most recent costar, Lee Jong-suk, were rumored to be date on Wednesday morning (OSEN)
Park and Lee have actually been photographed outside each rather homes and on alleged dates, together reported through news outlet Dispatch, but both the the stars’ agencies quickly slammed the reports and also insisted the two room “just nearby friends.”
Park Shin-hye (right) and former costar Jung Yong-hwa (OSEN)
In the at an early stage years of she career, Park likewise starred the contrary K-pop singer Jung Yong-hwa, indigenous boy group CNBLUE, in two drama series.Jung play a friend who harbors feelings because that Park in the romantic TV drama “You’re Beautiful” in 2009. Two years later, the played she on-screen love interest in one more romantic drama series, “Heartstrings.”Though lock acted as on-screen lovers on the tiny screen, Park and Jung have never seriously gone to the facility of dating rumors.
A poster because that 2011 TV drama "Heartstrings," which featured Park Shin-hye (right) and Jung Yong-hwa together a romantic couple (MBC)
At the 2011 push conference because that “Heartstrings,” Jung said around Park, “I feeling so comfortable approximately Park Shin-hye, she’s favor a member of (his group) CNBLUE. She is an extremely laid-back and also bright -- she’s among the few celebrity friends i have.”Park said at the same press conference, “Jung Yong-hwa and I understand so much around each other, i think it would certainly be daunting for united state to start a romantic relationship.”The actress reiterated on one entertainment program in march 2013 that she and Jung were “just good friends.” Jung stated on a talk display last year the Park frequently attended CNBLUE concerts due to their friendship.Park is an international Hallyu icon with a strong fan base extending several oriental countries.By Yoon buy it (sarah356