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I have actually looked and also can"t it seems ~ to watch an obvious means to eliminate the 60" deck from my 445. I recognize it is most likely easy and simple. I don"t have a manual. But i assumption: v i need some instructions. Help please. Thanks.

Spin the behind wheels top top the deck 90 degrees and put lock in the highest possible position so the deck will rest on the wheels and also be close come the ground as soon as off the tractor. This helps because that clearance because that the gearbox. Then eliminate the former arm. Traction the pin and also swing that down. Now remove the driveshaft by pulling ~ above it and also pulling the collar to relax the locking ball. Remainder it on the deck. Now you deserve to pull the pins in ~ the bottom that the arms close to the earlier of the deck. I lift increase in the deck as I pull each side out. Revolve the tires come the left and also pull the deck the end the appropriate side. It"s a chop squeeze. Hope this helps
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Probably the hardest component is removing and also reinstalling the pto together I haven"t determined a way to watch what you space doing when you are doing it.

Probably the hardest part is removing and also reinstalling the pto together I haven"t identified a way to see what you are doing if you room doing it.

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