Another friend of Henry"s in the regiment, Jim supplies Henry a pragmatic philosophy on courage at the beginning of the story: run as soon as others run, fight like mad when they fight. He likewise embodies the results of this viewpoint. Jim is therefore terribly injured in the first battle that he is almost unrecognizable come Henry. Together the injured "spectral soldier," through his eyes gazing deep into the unknown, Jim is choose a home window into death. Yet if that finds any secrets or meaning as that stares into death, Jim never ever passes lock along. The spectral soldier represents a meeting suggest between life and death, and also between Henry"s glorious ideals the war and the shocking gruesome fact of the actual thing.

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The timeline listed below shows wherein the personality Jim Conklin ("the high soldier") shows up in The Red badge of Courage. The fancy dots and also icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.


...from the 304th regiment of new York. As the camp stirs, a high soldier named Jim Conklin tells the others he"s heard a rumor the the generals arrangement to march their...(full context)


A young private, Henry Fleming, listens come Jim and also returns come his bunk to think. Together a youth, that had constantly dreamed of...(full context)
...know exactly how he"ll act: will certainly he fight courageously, or will he operation away? Henry asks Jim if he"s ever taken into consideration running. Jim replies the he"d operation if anyone else did, but...(full context)
Jim to be wrong: for number of days afterwards, the regiment doesn"t move. Henry continues to be nervous around his...(full context)
One morning, Henry is kicked wake up by Jim. The soldiers are shortly running towards spatters of gunfire. Henry realizes he couldn"t operation away...(full context)
...walks at Henry"s side, refusing everyone"s offers to aid him. Henry all of sudden recognizes him together Jim Conklin. Jim claims the fight was terrible and also he got shot. He speak Henry he"s...(full context)
Spurred ~ above by part strange energy, Jim suddenly bolts away into the fields. Henry is terrified through the sight and also chases after...(full context)
Henry is spellbound by Jim"s corpse. That stares into Jim"s paste-like challenge and, as soon as Jim"s jacket falls away, watch Jim"s...(full context)
The tattered man is awed through Jim"s strength and by his weird death. He then admits come Henry that he"s likewise starting...

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(full context)
...that lock didn"t see anything compared to the fighting he has actually experienced. Henry tells him Jim Conklin is dead. Wilson claims the regiment lost half their guys in the fight, but...(full context)
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